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  • lol I try not to dissapoint, I recorded some matches with Vircon too 8D I'll upload them sometime this weekend, and congrats on grad school :3 hope you do well ^_^
    I just reactivated mine so I'll make a character on your server. I'll let you know my character name when I make it :-)

    Edit: Character's name is Yatsumiko, and he's a Hume at the Hume starting town. Don't know if any of that matters. I know race does, but town and stuff is only for the starter ring.

    Figured I'd make a Hume since they're the 'average' class.
    Indeed. It's quite nice being able to play online on the demo. The only downside is that you're restricted to only 1 map since it's the demo. The actual game has...11 maps I think. There may be a few more but it's around that much I do know. Also you don't have to worry about being killed off in TDM. It's not elimination style. If that were the case I'd probably wouldn't last very long as well. :P It's based off points.
    Some battles do tend to take while but some can be really quick too. It all comes down to teamwork mostly. Also if you're playing by yourself it does indeed feel like it will take a while. Worst case scenario you can just stick to Team Deathmatch and just kill everyone. Also no prob :neomon:
    If you still want to play Fat Princess let me know when. I'm at home now.

    My ID is Vircon.
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