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  • Wells looks like no P4A tonight lol, I'm too tired to be of any use atm XD, we shall duel tomorrow hopefully if your free :3 xD I'll try to teach you to the best of my abilities~
    :3 I'm glad you like it ^-^, lol we'll see It should be pretty easy since they seemed to do a simple background :3.

    lol yeah its hard to use Sets if you have more than one, I need to make a new Set for myself, since I'm staying Setsuna for awhile. but the rotation would work.

    lol Call me what you want xD Either works :3 Chant chan~

    and no its not rude per say your just checking up on things, you're still there, I normally do the same since when my grandmother has a birthday the whole family gets together in the park, I normally wander off cause I have nothing in common with my Family aside my Cousin whos a younger sister to me, I normally hang around granny or try to avoid some of my family members ((does not care about how awesome the cardnials are or sports in general xD))
    Mhmm I look forward to when you use them I think its one of my best "Couple" Sets, I dunno why but I really loved this set. Don't worry about it, Those two are ok but I'll make a set that will be on par with those two :P.

    lol Well you can call me Setsu-Kun if you want, I just let people call me Aaron if they're my friends that and we seem to change our names so often nowadays xD
    Ha, I see what you mean. I'd love a game like Kingdom Hearts but with each world being one from an RPG. It'd be so amazing :eek:
    Ummm, I played it, but the way the AI for your characters acted made it feel a bit like work. If I was playing multiplayer maybe I would have carried on and finished it :)
    It's happening chan! A set is being made out of it! Can't wait to see how it looks :gonk:
    Thank you!
    Um, I accidentally thanked Greeny's post here. I can't undo it. :hmmm: Just letting you know so you don't wonder, "What the heck?"
    No worries xD and I see my connections been shaky too, Makes it hard for me to keep a partner in RE6 -.-;

    Anywho I'll be free tonight just lemme know when your free via PSN Message :3 I'll show you my lizzy basic combos ;D
    lmao I was getting bored ;)
    I like's short and simples. Gonna have to find a good avatar now...
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