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  • Hmm, I know the Unsuccessful Steal Loss was set to 15% as default, and I've lowered that to 10%. Even with 10%, I did find the % loss to be quite a bit. I've set it to 7% and we'll see how that goes. :)
    There's two shades of green and I think 3 shades of blue, so maybe you'll get lucky!
    Haha, no it's not wrong, it's meant to be something for fun, really. Though if you manage to steal over 1,000 Gil then the member might get annoyed. xD You can always give a few Gil back as a way to say, "I'm sorry I stole your Gil". Last month I stole over 5,000+ from someone. Luckily for them, I was only experimenting with the steal feature, so I gave it all back. :)
    I'm not sure what it is exactly, probably the username, but then again, it doesn't depict a male or female name either.

    And yes, cute things haha, hopefully you can get yourself a chocobo. :) Any color in particular?
    All this time I thought you were a male for some reason, until I saw your picture in the picture thread. :lew:
    lol don't worry about it, just couldn't recall if I told you or not, it is painful and sadly there is nothing they can do, unless they can somehow kill the nerve so it doesn't give off pain anymore but I doubt we have that kind of tech. atm. Shes still alive and I'm happy with that.
    hmm thought I explained it to you, she had a couple botched surgeries and suffers through constant pain due to a cut nerve and spurs in her shoulders so she cant do much o.o so I pick up the slack for her
    lol My mom can't cause shes hurts if she does too much and my old mans just lazy >.>;, sides they pay me good for keeping it clean xD but no worries :3
    I see thats sad to hear Chant T_T, least your apartment is looking nice though :D I hope it'll be comfortable for you ^-^.

    And lol I said House Work, been cleaning the house up for like weeks (I LIVE WITH SLOBBBBBS!!! -rages!-) xD;
    Yeah, I've been busy doing housework and whatnot to build up some cash for RE6/Borderlands2/Blops2 x.x;;, I see D: why a apartment? I am really sorry I try to get on when I can T_T I'll be on it more often probably next week :3
    Ahh no worries Chant ^_^, I'll be on skype most of the time tonight so you'll find me on there more xD I'll be working on a few photoshop things for a Callout and a few requests for some friends XD
    Well I dled and installed the Line thing too xD but I can't register for that sadly since I lack it on my phone and don't have the net for it xD;, but I'll be on skype & Msn if you wanna talk :3 I try to get on it whenever I can :3
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