FFX-2 Worth getting?

I don't agree with Claire btw...

It's a matter of opinion but for me FFX-2 is worth getting although by no means the best FF it's certainly not the worst..

Eh, it all comes down to preference. I found this game to be rather idk..... shitty. Had Yuna not looked like a spazzed out slut bucket and acted like Rikku, and had blitzball been fun like on X then I may have liked this game. If it were me though and I hadn't played X-2, I'd atleast rent it and play it to see if I like it. Half the time whenever people tell me about something and they think it's bad, I wind up thinking the exact opposite.

So if you really wanna play it, I'd rent it 1st.
unlikely any game rental stores will still have the game.So your suggestion probably isn't practical for most people.

I wouldn't say Yuna acted like Rikku.Yuna acted liberated..which is what one should expect from having been through the experience she had been through.

I admit I didn't like the percent stuff..but that alone isn't sufficient to invalidate the game as a game worth getting and playing...
Well I think it'd be worth getting if you wanted to go through Yuna's experience. But, If you thought X had already enough closure, then i'd suggest not to. If you wanted to see Yuna and Tidus reunite then maybe i'd get it. See, I got X-2 before I got X so I was rather confused with the game and maybe that's why I liked it so much because to me him could have been just anyone. Ya know? I like the missions and the dresspheres. Though, Blitz isn't nearly as fun as it is in X, I still liked doing Blitz when I got bored. I like how it wasn't linear (like X is) so I myself, enjoyed it at first. (mind you, the first time 'round I didn't get to see them reunite) Once I picked up X and started playing it (completed) I saw X-2 to be rather pointless.

Rikku, Yuna and Paine were awesome I thought. I mean, Paine was quiet and independent but, she was good for a laugh. Yuna actually has changed since X. She's more cheerful I think and I liked that. Rikku is well, Rikku xD :hmmm: Yuna I think actually looks better in X-2 then she does in X.
The game's cheap enough anyway now, three years ago I paid £8 for a new copy (which was faulty), took it ack, got a refund and paid £4 for a preowned copy in another shop. And with the shops I go to, you can trade in games so even if you don't like it, you can partex it for another game

Personally, I liked it though, because the story wasnt too taxing- it's a game I play when I've been concentrating hard on something
decide for yourself

Ok, so everything, or most of it, that I have read is mostly negative remarks about FFX-2. These developers have the right to take their awesome games in other directions and rarely do we get the chance to revisit these awesome worlds that we've been introduced to in such a fantastic way.

I find it fascinating that I could see Spira again through the eyes of Yuna. Of course, it's not the amazing game that FFX was, but it is a good and, most of all (brace yourselves) FUN. So, it's three girls, ALL OF YOU WHO SAY THAT ARE BOYS. Us, girls, we LOVE it, and I'm not a feminist at all, I just found it refreshing that I could play a game where there were characters I already knew a story to continue, especially in a Final Fantasy series. Don't knock it till you've tried it, if you haven't played, play it, if you can't take it, then don't play.
Well it all depends on a matter of opinion. For me i feel it was worth getting as it completed the story and answered a few unanswered questions that was going about between me, my friends and a few other people. The game was no where near what i thought it was going to be and there was a few issues i had with it in terms of game play and storyline. However as a whole i feel it was a good buy. :moogle::chocobo::drag::sup:
Here is the thing about X-2 i love it to death but it dose not klik the story still leaves you hanging wnat story don't buy it you want battls buy it simpal as that
So, it's three girls, ALL OF YOU WHO SAY THAT ARE BOYS. Us, girls, we LOVE it, and I'm not a feminist at al

This may be true for you.
But IRL, the very few female gamers I know didn't like the game at all.
The only people who were interested in it were GUYS, and that's because Yuna and Rikku were half-naked.

I hate it when people go on about X-2 being girl orientated, because the entire game is clearly fanservice for men.
(Backrub scene, anyone? How about the hot spring scene?)
And even then, the guys who played it admitted it wasn't that great a game.
it makes me sad that so many people are disappointed with X2. I bought it like 4 years ago, but still havent played it haha
now i'm not sure i even want to :P
Back in the fall of 2002 when FFX-2 announced, I was really excited then I kept eye on watch on every X-2 fan site on updates until I waited the day to go buy it at EB games lol I begged for my brother to take me there.

Worth getting yes cause I like Yuna and Rikku :D
I really enjoyed FFX-2! What attracted me was the change of mood in the people after Sin was gone: they were happy and developing, in contrast to the halt of advancement that Sin and the teachings of Yevon imposed. You can't expect things to be just like they were after a huge menace is gone and for good and that there won't be so much death all over the world. It has a non-linear gameplay, in contrast to the linear gameplay of X, which can make the game rather short for some but I have 245 hours of gameplay on X-2, 100% of story complete, Mascot dressphere and all the shit, but there's still something missing. I find it worth getting if you are a patient player and likes going everywhere, doing everything and obtaining secret endings.

Oh, and I didn't like Paine either. She is a lame excuse for a copy of Squall, just as Lightning is.
:hmmm: I didn't really enjoy the story, the characters were cruddy and the voice acting was terrible. But. The battle system is one of the most fun battle systems in any FF game. It actually kept me interested in the game because I loved to collect the dress spheres. So I'd say this game is worth getting for that alone. You can always mute the shitty voices if you really want to lmfao.
I would say no in this instance. Fun to play through but lacking on so many levels, its not really a keeper. Kinds of ruins some of FFX's best qualities, but if you enjoyed X, give it a go, some people think it was a cute addition. >_>
If you want the full story behind the FFX sub-series, then yeah, may as well get the full experience. Otherwise, I'd say no.

It lacks so much of what X had. Feels like SE threw something together, really, and gave it little depth. My biggest qualms are the shallow, somewhat-irrelevant story, and poor character development.

Leblanc is irritating, and Shuyin is boring as an antagonist, too.
Back in the fall of 2002 when FFX-2 announced, I was really excited then I kept eye on watch on every X-2 fan site on updates until I waited the day to go buy it at EB games lol I begged for my brother to take me there.

Worth getting yes cause I like Yuna and Rikku :D

Sounds like you was excited for the game more than me, never thought I see the day, guess you just have good taste in the FFs ^ ^ did you ever complete FFX-2 100%? If you did how did you feel about the ending o.o

Anyway I would say its worth getting especially if you want to know the entire story behind FFX, it also helps if you get 100% completion in it or youtube whichever you prefer to really see what happens. Besides that the game is focusing on Yuna and events after X so its supposed to be relativly different from X which people dont understand. If you like mini games then you will be satisfied on that I promise you. Theirs not really anything bad about the game to me personally except a few minigames, the dresspheres thing was cool and especially the special ones Yuna into a flower and paine just ROCKS as a character xD better music than X, and doing that 100 level dungeon and the den of woe where my favorite parts.