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  • I know what you mean I back logged everything to play Dragon age II finished it and now I am tje second play through. I have Fable 3 to play yet aswell.
    Haha well that's okay because it isn't me It is the main character from Dragon Age II
    I think I covered all the PS2 games I wanted to play there is not much I regret not buying.
    FF would have to be 7 I loved the whole story and concept of Gaia, Okami would have to be one of my most favourite though.
    Hahaha yes the couple in the amazing trip indeed xD I saw her name and was like huh sounds familiar :tehe: sorry to bother ya then :wacky:
    Lol I saw the big road trip on tv and there was a girl that had your name..Vyxsin. I wonder have you ever been on tv? :lew: In Africa for the big road trip? :tehe:

    Im just curious xD
    Yeah, that's how I pronounced it too until I saw some video interviews where they pronounced it the correct way :P
    To keep from continuing off topic :gasp: It is pronounced "Dayus Ex". But not too much emphasis on "day." The original is an amazing game :ryan:
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