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^ Though he can be silly, I'll let nobody harm my son! :sad2:

On the topic of Alphinaud, the 'real life render' for Alphinaud generated by AI in this video made me lol (timestamp about 1.33).
I quickly created this meme for our social media as we celebrate the announcement of Chocobo GP.

It didn’t work and hardly anyone saw it.

Anyway, here we are:
Chocobo Racing meme medium.png


those doja cat memes are so funny lol (we all did this before flying was unlocked in arr areas rip)
Square Enix have been asking people to guess what the daily Cactuar pose is representing.

Today it was Ifrit, but Fishfriedcat had other ideas...

Too soon.

Spoilers for FFVII (and Remake), but I'm pretty sure everyone knows this scene by now:

Remember that "Urianger does the Milkshake song" meme from a while back?
Well during tonight's KupoCon-hosted EndWalker roundtable celebration they got Urianger's VA (Timothy Watson) to actually speak it out. Then, of course, it did not take people long after the stream to edit it and put it to music.

Urianger is on the top left, but his camera was lagging.
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