SPOILERS Final Fantasy MEME Gallery

Saw this making the rounds :P
This is exactly what the Island Sanctuary update might be like in FFXIV.

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Did someone seriously just make a video about my time in FFXIV?
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A bit reductive, but not entirely inaccurate...

While not a meme, I saw this on eBay the other day and it made me chuckle! I don't know if it is official merch but the expression and size of his head is hilarious :rofl:
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For those who have seen Disney's Encanto and also played FFXIV (up to and including Praetorium) .
I saw this meme by chance on Facebook Suggestion. I intended to write something similar in the scene where Hojo asked Aerith about her bad dream. But I have decided not to write it because I respect the screenwriter and thus don’t want to change anything in the FF7 remake story.
Anyway, if I get permission to write or support this meme, I may let Aerith thinks herself that: “I am an empress of a nation, but now I have stuck in another me in a f*cking timeline. I’ve lost almost the power, was put in a boring cage, and this time I have to listen to that scientist-like Eunuch bla bla to death:furious:
This was posted in the Discord the other day, but it was so good I feel it deserves to be commemorated here too.

Not a spoiler, don't worry. Instead it pokes fun at a basic gameplay mechanic in FFXVI.


A topical meme.

Also somebody apparently wore a cosplay of the old, blocky Sharlayan grapes from FFXIV Endwalker (now patched out, RIP :sad2: ).

I'm sure Dionysus would love these grapes even if Square Enix didn't in the end.