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(This was posted freely in another Discord server and I didn't see a link to the artist, but the name at the bottom is presumably theirs)
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I really felt this one. :O

Also when I was younger and playing FFVI for the first time (PlayStation version) I used to think that the SNES games were all 'from ages ago' and a whole generation before me, etc, but they weren't released that many years before FFVII. Time is a strange thing.

The time between FFVI and FFVII was only about three years, yet in the 2000s FFVII seemed like it was a huge part of my life, and FFs I-VI seemed like wonderful relics from a time that came before that I was delighted to discover later. FFX now approaching twenty years old is mindblowing.
This one is a spoiler for Shadowbringers' Sorrow of Werlyt (FFVII Weapon) questline, but it is a great one. Liv shared it on our Discord the other week out of context and I meant to share it here immediately but forgot.

^ I can confirm that I cannot find the head in that poster!

For those who love Thancred. (A handful of mild spoilers for Shadowbringers within, but not much):
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