FFXIV Endwalker: Reaper (new melee DPS Job) announced; expansion due for 23 November 2021 release

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The May Fanfest is upon us, and so is the latest major keynote for this climactic conclusion to the over decade-long saga of Hydaelyn and Zodiark. With Yoshi-P on stage in his best cosplay yet flanked by localisation head Christopher Koji-Fox, they reveal that Endwalker, the MMO's fourth expansion, will launch on 23 November 2021 for Windows PC, Mac, Steam, PS5 and PS4.



Unlike prior expansions and how they were structured, 6.0 (Endwalker) will be the climax and conclusion of the saga. There will not be any continuation of the same story in following patches, but the team has promised that this will not be the end of story content for FFXIV. Subsequent patches in the 6.0 series will instead usher in a brand new tale, wholly separate from the Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga that has defined this game's narrative from its genesis.


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We've had the first promised new Job in the previous keynote for 6.0 in the form of a brand new healer: Sage.

The second of the two new promised Jobs is revealed to be Reaper, a melee DPS utilising an enormous scythe, presumably to cut grass as well as cleave evil souls atwain. Like Patrick Swayze in Ghost, a metaphysical entity from the Void can be summoned to not only embrace the Reaper, but assist it in battle. If Dark Knight didn't quite cut it for you with its edge, you may wish to consider Reaper, for it may actually sate your inner edgelord.


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Like Ishgard, Kugane and the Crystarium before, Old Sharlayan will serve as the new hub city for this expansion. Originally intended to be one of six starting city states back during the conception of A Realm Reborn, the number was cut in half to only Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul'dah for practical purposes. Now, coming at seven years since 2.0 first burst into the scene, Old Sharlayan will finally be a fully realised and explorable city state in its own right.

Old Sharlayan is a veritable font of academic knowledge, in wholehearted pursuit of scholastic greatness. It is also a vastly isolationist state, ever averse to the involvement of affairs in other parts of the world. The main figure representing the Council and in conversation with Y'shtola will be a pivotal character.


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Thavnair is the name of the island, and has been often referred to in miscellaneous pieces of in-game lore. The popular glamour outfit, Thavnairian Bustier, originated from the island, as has the equally popular Dancer Job. In fact, its main city, Radz-at-Han is adorned with statues of its venerable historic dancers.


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An enigmatic, subterranean zone bathed in the light of a magical, artificial sun.

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Let's just say...it has seen better days.


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The portion of the Moon that players will be able to visit. How we will even reach the Moon is anyone's guess, as is the reason why the natural satellite of Hydaelyn the planet has air and gravity. I also feel like there's another mainline Final Fantasy game that had something to with visiting the Moon, but I can't for the life of me remember which one...

Oh, but of course! It was clearly Final Fantasy VIII. I mean, who doesn't remember that part of the game where Squall becomes a JoJo character and has to single-handedly float in front of the Moon and stop the Lunar Cry with his bare hands?

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  • The Magus Sisters return! First introduced in Final Fantasy IV, the trio also showed up in Final Fantasy X as an optional collective Aeon for Yuna to wield. Now they're back and I don't think they're prepared to fight on your side this time.
  • Lopporrits are a new sentient species who inhabit the Moon of all places. Fans of Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy XII might notice they look awfully like an Ivalician Moogle sans the pompom and dressed as Namingway.

  • Estinien and G'raha Tia will also come along for the ride as new Trusts NPCs you can bring along to dungeons for 6.0 content.
  • The new 8-player raid content is named Pandæmonium and like Eden before it, will be a wholly original story.
  • The new 24-player raid content this time will also be a wholly original story (unlike the Ivalice and NieR ones preceding it) and is named 'Myths of the Realm', featuring the "Twelve", the oft-referred to pantheon of gods worshipped by Eorzeans.
  • Given popular demand, male Vieras are coming in 6.0! Female Hrothgar are allegedly still in the cards and may come at a later date.



I feel like this would've been better as a tank? I'm getting massive Warrior/Dark Knight hybrid vibes. Interesting, I guess, summoning melee? lol That'll be popular with a lot of the crowd, I think.

I dunno, Sage and Reaper seem very uh.... unappealing to me, but, we'll see!
I've heard that From Software gets half of the subscription cost from every player who will main a Reaper.

Seems like... fun. I have a lot of content to get through before I even sniff this so yeah, that'll be fuuuuuuuun.
I actually was not expecting Old Sharlayan from this expansion, but I guess we were running out of time to see it otherwise. It looks amazing! It's like Rhodes combined with Alexandria and Atlantis.

Thavnair looks beautiful. No wonder their onions are so expensive! Hopefully we'll be able to get them at a bargain when we're actually there...

Labyrinthos... Don't tell me I might need to write yet another update to my minotaur Mythology Manual?!

I'm absolutely looking forward to meeting the race of sentient rabbits. I have a Namingway minion already because I received the code from my Eorzea Encylopaedia lore books. I cannot wait reunite him with his friends and family!
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The european store had a countdown timer before sales were launched. i messaged my friend yo! sales are up in like 1,5 hours.
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So if anyone thats intrested in the new expansion and still wants the CE, try the japanese store. thought id update it here.
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With 3 FF games launched this year, it seems Square Enix will get a big bang for its growth. Hope that they can be done well.
Small update regarding the japanese version, it got cancled, so its still up on there website but all dropshipping websites have already used all there purchase rights, so im still left out on this thing. :( Praying for restock or otherwise buy a 2nd hand one. though i preffer them sealed (yeah dont ask :D). then again any copy is better then none i suppose. There releasing lots of games right now, i bought some shares from SE years ago. they have been growing steadily but not enough to make you rich yet :D