[15/05] Square Enix trademarks “SE Masterpieces”

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please square FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX in HD on my xbox please XD or Final fantasy X on my xbox XD either one of them two... and i'll be jumping for joy :D
please square FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX in HD on my xbox please XD or Final fantasy X on my xbox XD either one of them two... and i'll be jumping for joy :D


There's a reason why they never had FF games on the XBOX, except FFXIII, the likelyhood of this is super super slim.
Yes that would be nice if we can have the content that was only in Japan for some of these games. I agree with the fact that the first games get re released far too often and that the newer games need some appreciation. X-2 was more a game that Square Enix made when they were drunk as you can notice the very little clothes on the characters. If that were to qualify as a masterpiece then it would have to be really good as a re release.. which I do not think will happen.
If they do re-release the Ps2 games, I would want XII Zodiac Job though not the one that the rest of the world got and Japan got to keep. and would they just make the graphics in HD or would they change parts of the game? and if they do re-release the PS2 games already where will that leave all the PSone games? and the future of a company where they have more games re-released on newer systems every year... Something tells me that doing this could be too soon still.... But I guess time will tell...
omg KH ps2 series on blue ray HD my facking lord of cheese i hope this happens.

id be equally glad with final x x-2 and xii together also im getting tired of 1-6 remakes
What masterpieces? :hmph:

No really though, i don't get what the point is in doing something like putting the "masterpieces" together as a box set. The majority of the FF fans already own all the FF titles. I know my family does, so wasting production money on this is just stupid of SE to do while their sales have fallen.

Why don't they get to remaking FFVI and VII and then they'll start getting some masterpieces. :mokken:
I want FFVIII remake first.

Why do I need remastered versions of FFX and FFXII (why did I even need the first version of FFXII?). Masterpieces? Really? FFXII is not a masterpiece, it's a master let down.

This is just meh to me.
I can see myself buying these remastered versions....

Eventually :wacky:

But right away? Unless they're the versions with the extra content that Japan (and UK even) got that NA didn't, I can wait to get them when they drop pretty low in pricing.

Also, as @Fleur mentioned, they're Square-Enix Masterpieces, not just Final Fantasy.

I can see S-E packaging Drakengard 1 and 2 together in a remastered HD version, and maybe DragonQuest VIII as standalone. Maybe even Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

There's also Full Metal Alchemist, and maybe they could do some random titles together in one package (Radiata Stories, Musashi the Legendary Swordsman, etc)

Of course more than anything, I'm hoping for Kingdom Hearts and KH2 Final Mix+ compilation :jess:
SE putting X-2 in a "Masterpieces collection?" ...8(

I....don't think so :gasp:

They really are beating the re releases to a pulp. How about some NEW MATERIAL for a change? ...Like Versus :britt:

Really though, I would buy X if it were re released. Theres probably enough remakes of it right now...but I never had a ps2 so I never got to play it...and I'd still like to if they released it in some form for the ps3. The rest of them...no thanks.

Also, if they remake something they should remake VII. It seems like there's enough of a demand for it :monster:
This has been mentioned by Yoshida long time ago ...so I guess that rumour will come true after all....ps2 games remastered..awesome..

And lol lol remastering ps1 ff titles are indeed pointless to remaster in HD ..I dont even think that is possible without remaking/rebuilding the whole thing..if they should do that why not voices as well...too much hassle..

FF12! finally I get the chance to play it again and in HD! must buy for me.

but like the splinter cell trilogy and ICO collection I can see this being realised in a time too far away....ages I have been waiting......

Yeah! Thanks for the recall Ohri ,but i knew they would cuz they already confirmied it to a sony representative,and it was leaked!

But seriously it could a FF7 remake...but ...hmmm i have some doubt!Since it was leaked from sony headquarters there is 99% chance that it is true!

Besides that they already release a psn FF7,so a remake for now would be pointless,..well pointless...they could do it for the sake of those dying wanna be fans.

But i believe that when Tetsuya chose to put "COMPLETE" in FF7 Advent Children,i believe he meant that it was over for FF7!Even though they said that its never over!

I think it would be great if they are realising a pack with FFX, FFX-2 and FFXII with the same extras of the International versions

And more extras like japanese voices on western versions, more monster, new clothes, more side-quests, more equipement options, more abilities to learn, new game +, maybe difficult selection and etc.
I just realized something, we are all expecting this to be FF exclusive... whose to say it wont be Chrono trigger, or Star Oceans? Front Missions? Dragon Quest?

I mean it does say SE Masterpiece...
well if dragon quest is release for the ps3 or psp i will be happy! I am not much in the DS!

And front missions is no masterpiece!
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