1. Rey

    [19/06] Square Enix Registers Occult Maiden And Star Ocean Trademarks

    What could Occult Maiden possibly be? Star Ocean is also being re-registered. There is a possibility that this will bring a new Star Ocean game announcement. A sequel to 3(Till the end of time) would bypass lots of important plot points. What could this possibly mean then? It could...
  2. Linnaete

    [13/02] Drakerider Trademark Hints At Dragon Riding Game From Square Enix?

    In addition to the 774 Deaths trademark, which might lead to a Nanashi no Game localization, [Siliconera] found two more hints at future titles from Square Enix Japan. The publisher filed trademarks for Drakerider and Blood of Chaos in Europe. Both registrations are for use with video...
  3. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [22/01] Square registers domain and trademark for Final Fantasy Dimensions

    Square has trademarked something called Final Fantasy Dimensions in the US and Europe. Dug up by a NeoGAF user, the trademark was filed on January 16, and the domain has been registered as well. Theories on the trademark range from a Vita title in the works from 1st...
  4. Linnaete

    [15/05] Square Enix trademarks “SE Masterpieces”

    Square Enix may be re-releasing their most masterful titles in a single package. The Tokyo-based publisher trademarked the name “SE Masterpieces” in Europe five days ago, on May 11. The trademark could mean anything. This writer would certainly consider a disc including Final Fantasy X, Final...