1. Linnaete

    [23/03] Final Fantasy Type-0 scans show off Ace, Queen, Nine and Kurasame

    New Final Fantasy Type-0 scans from the latest issue of Famitsu have found their way online. The images show off characters Ace, Queen, Nine and Kurasame, whom were all detailed this Monday in a prior Dengeki leak. Famitsu has much more images than the recent Dengeki shots, so be sure to...
  2. Ohri-Jin

    [26/1]New scans leaked from FF13Versus

    EDIT: The Dengeki Final Fantasy Versus XIII scans have leaked their way onto the internet and with them comes new gameplay screenshots. These scans don’t include the interview but it’s most likely there won’t be any new details as all the information was leaked prior to their release. The...
  3. Gingerbread Lesbian

    High-res Final Fantasy Versus XIII scans and full interview hit the net [6/26]

    If you’re sick of hearing about these same Final Fantasy Versus XIII scans, this looks like it’ll be the last time you see them. The high-res scans have finally released, showing off each of the three screenshots in their highest scanned glory. Q: Is this a real-time screenshot we’re...
  4. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Final Fantasy XIV takes Dengeki cover, new scans [6/4]

    Upcoming MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV (PS3, PC) is the subject of several Dengeki PlayStation pages, as well as its cover game: Source: RPGLand
  5. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Famitsu scans of FFXIV land on the interwebs [5/19]

    Some scans from this week’s Famitsu have popped up on the net, and for those looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV, well, there’s some pretty pictures and information on the MMO’s Guilds in it. Unfortunately, since we do not read Japanese and a translation has yet to be found, you’re just...
  6. Gingerbread Lesbian

    New Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 and Dragon Quest IX scans [5/14]

    Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2: Dragon Quest IX (how are there still new scans of this coming out?) and Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Legend (Arcade): Source: RPGLand
  7. Gingerbread Lesbian

    NieR Replicant and Final Fantasy XIV Scans [5/7]

    Scans of RPGs for PlayStation 3, starting with the PS3-exclusive version of NieR that North America didn’t get, NieR Replicant: Final Fantasy XIV (also on PC) Source: RPGLand
  8. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Various Dragon Quest Scans [4/20]

    Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (DS) Dragon Quest VI, IX, and Monster Battle Road Legend (DS, DS, and Arcade…which isn’t handheld, but it’s on the same pages so ah…yeah) Source: RPGLand
  9. Gingerbread Lesbian

    NieR, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy XIV scans revealed [4/9]

    NieR Gestalt (360) / NieR Replicant (PS3) Dragon Quest VI (DS), Dragon Quest IX (DS), and Dragon Quest Legend (Arcade) Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (DS) Final Fantasy XIV (PS3, PC) Source: RPGLand
  10. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest IX bar opens in Japan, new arcade machines up [2/23]

    The Dragon Quest IX-themed bar “Luda’s” in Roppongi (Tokyo) recently welcomed its first customers, many of whom enjoyed making silly faces at cameras and sexually harassing the barmaids while pretending they were characters in a grind-heavy RPG. Patrons enjoyed linking up for some DQIX...
  11. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Star Ocean IV and Dragon Quest VI scans! [2/21]

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope International (PS3) Dragon Quest VI (DS) Source: RPGLand
  12. moogling

    One damsel NA will, one NA won’t be saving in NieR

    New NieR scans show the two damsels in distress that the different versions feature. The 360’s NieR Gestalt features an older man trying to save his daughter, while the PS3’s NieR Replicant centers around a young man looking out for his little sister. However, as must be perpetually repeated...
  13. moogling

    A Sneak Peak at the FFXIII Strategy Guide [Image Heavy][2/21]

    We've just got our hands on a 28-page preview of the Final Fantasy XIII strategy guide, showing off the aesthetics and content of the official companion that will arrive alongside the game on March 9th. The preview shows off several pages from different sections of the guide to show you what to...
  14. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest VI and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Scans [2/20]

    Thanks to Olivia for this one :) Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2: Dragon Quest VI: Source: RPGLand
  15. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope International release scans [2/6]

    Via Weekly Famitsu and Dengeki magazines Star Ocean: The Last Hope International is out now in Japan, coming Feb. 8 in North America and Feb. 12 in Europe. Source: RPGLand
  16. Linnaete

    Dutch OPM FFXIII Feature And Interview Scans

    The Dutch version of Official Playstation Magazine has conducted an interview with Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase as we mentioned a few days ago. Thankfully our new best friend, Shlizar Axis, has scanned the entire feature as well as translating the interview. Inside it, Kitase...
  17. Gingerbread Lesbian

    New Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XIII Scans [1/25]

    Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy XIII Source: RPGLand
  18. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Birth By Sleep and NieR Scans [1/25]

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope NieR Replicant Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Source: RPGLand
  19. moogling

    Lufia DS, Dragon Quest VI & Dragon Quest IX Scans [1/23]

    Lufia DS Dragon Quest VI Dragon Quest IX Source: RPG Land
  20. Gingerbread Lesbian

    OPM gives FFXIII 9/10 – whole thing scanned

    The mag’s score is the first major review from an English-speaking publication, as far as we’re aware. “Big” Dave McCarthy’s written the piece, concluding, “This is the real deal. Final Fantasy XIII makes the hours pass like minutes – a testament to the way the game teases you along with one...