final fantasy versus xiii

  1. Razberry Knight

    [11/06] Final Fantasy Versus XIII confirmed as Final Fantasy XV

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII*is alive! Square Enix showed a new gameplay trailer for the game at Sony’s E3 press conference this evening and revealed that the game is titled*Final Fantasy XV*and is coming to PlayStation 4.*Square Enix did not specify if the game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title...
  2. Ohri-Jin

    FFV13's possible release date? (JP)

    Well nay sayers believe Versus13 will never see the light of day. Japan's current issues will effect months to come, so things aint looking good for Versus especially with that freeking FF13 sequal. Anyways when do you think Versus might be released? Year: Season: Q1,Q2 etc..
  3. Ohri-Jin

    [24/02] FF13 Versus on 360? [rumour]

    V Jump Lists Final Fantasy Versus XIII For Xbox 360 Mistake? Probably. Posted Feb 21, 2011 at 13:49, By Anoop Gantayat According to Aibo at Square Enix super fan site Final Fantasy Reunion, the latest issue of V Jump lists the platform for Final...
  4. Ohri-Jin

    [26/1]New scans leaked from FF13Versus

    EDIT: The Dengeki Final Fantasy Versus XIII scans have leaked their way onto the internet and with them comes new gameplay screenshots. These scans don’t include the interview but it’s most likely there won’t be any new details as all the information was leaked prior to their release. The...
  5. Linnaete

    [1/26] Famitsu further details Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    Dengeki wasn’t the only Japanese magazine with a look at Square Enix’s recently discussed Final Fantasy games. Famitsu’s got a look at Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Final Fantasy Type-0, as well. Famitsu’s look on XIII-2 and Type-0 didn’t really provide any new...
  6. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [25/01] Nomura outlines the recent trailer and hints at 2012 release for Versus XIII

    For the summary of this article go to this thread: HERE Square Enix shared a gameplay-filled trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII at last week's 1st Production Department Premier event, but director Tetsuya Nomura did not show up at the event to detail the game. For clarification on what we...
  7. 3

    [1/25] Leaked Dengeki Info on XIII-2, VSXIII, Type-0

    Hmm, never posted any news, I just came across this and didn't see it here, hope this is ok
  8. Rapture

    [1/19] FF Versus XIII-The Guys In Noctis's Entourage Have Names

    Sources: "Three young male characters who accompany Noctis have been revealed; their relationship seems to resemble that of the kyodai (brothers) and shatei (little brothers) in the Yakuza...
  9. Ohri-Jin

    [1/18] Final Fantasy Versus XIII 2011 Trailer

    Stella Nox Fleuret posted a new working video for you guys to enjoy. For those that havent seen it yet. Show her some respect for the effort and +Rep her...its the least you can do for her :) Courtesy of Stella Nox Fleuret Source Page 3 -...
  10. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [18/01] Tidbits About The New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer

    A new trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII was shown at the Production 1 press conference. The video, like others, started with the tagline "this is a fantasy based on reality." It opened with a scene of Prince Noctis that may have been in or resembled Japan on a freeway. The next scene showed...
  11. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Square Enix's Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference Detailed [12/13]

    Square Enix invites fans out to the Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills one week later than expected. The Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference is no more. Square Enix has changed the event's name to "Square Enix 1st Production Department Premier." Going...
  12. Ohri-Jin

    Final Fantasy 13 Versus : Rumours & Teasers [11/26]

    This is teasing to the extreme... :ffs: Check out the note : - This product will be in stock on Tuesday 01 March, 2011. :rofl: Check out the site for the FF13Versus: Check out the site for other pre orders...
  13. 王 Yoshida

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII Job Listing Appears [18/10]

    The exclusivity status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a long debated and overly drawn out one. It doesn’t help that Square Enix’s development teams put out one message to keep fans happy and the executives put out another to keep share holders happy. With Nomura sticking to his guns and...
  14. 王 Yoshida

    Nomura Clarifies What Versus Footage is Real-Time or Not [ 9/10 ]

    There’s been enough debate among fans whether some of the footage in yesterdays Final Fantasy Versus XIII TGS trailer is real-time or pre-rendered, to warrant Nomura weighing in to clarify what’s going on. The debate centres around whether the opening cinematic in the Versus section of the...
  15. Gingerbread Lesbian

    “Lots to see” of FF Agito XIII, Versus XIII “in the future,” says Square [9/17]

    Square Enix has told VG247 there’ll be “lots to see” of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII “in the future,” following two videos of the games leaking from TGS this morning. Demos of the two games are on show at Square’s TGS booth, but are not allowed to be recorded...
  16. 王 Yoshida

    FFXIII Agito and Versus footage leaked. [17/9]

  17. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Report – FF Versus XIII, Agito XIII getting press conference next January [9/16]

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII might be appearing in a low-key form at TGS this week, but that might all change come January. According to a report on FFN, Square Enix is to hold a press conference on January 11, 2011 for its Fabula Nova Crystallis series – which...
  18. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Nomura Hints at Minimal Final Fantasy Versus XIII Tokyo Game Show Presence [8/25]

    Tetsuya Nomura shared some of Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show plans via The 3rd Birthday Twitter earlier today. The producer is apparently right in the middle of preparations for next month's show. Yesterday, he was in the studio working on promotional videos. He's still only partially...
  19. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Kitase: "Final Fantasy Versus XIII might miss 2011" [8/24]

    Ever since Final Fantasy Versus XIII was teased way back at E3 2006, gamers have been tentatively hoping for a) more information about the game and b) some inkling as to when it might actually get released. Well, they might get the first part at some point this year, but the second part...
  20. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Tetsuya Nomura Impressed With Advancing 3rd Birthday and FF Versus XIII Tech [8/15]

    You know how Hajime Tabata said last week that there wouldn't be a shower scene in The 3rd Birthday? Well, it turns out that there already is a shower "scene" of sorts, but it may be for internal use only. After a couple days absence, Tetsuya Nomura took over the reigns at The 3rd Birthday...