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  • I do :inlove: He's pretty hot for a uhh...videogame character :damon:

    Mel and him would be so great :britt:

    Hahaha, she isn't so bad, she's kinda cute in a ditzy way (Rorona). I am on my second playthrough. I got the bad ending :damon: I think I'll be able to do it this time but I don't know. They make it really difficult to get all of the trophies though unless you follow a guide to a T. It'll take me a million playthroughs to get all of them I'm sure :hmph:

    Cute game though :ohoho: I will get the other two when I start working again, with my new iphone :grin:
    Haha it sounds kinda fun, but the graphics from what I saw were atrocious! And yeah I saw you could be a little Pom dog and it made me laugh because I own a pom dog and they're pathetic so even trying to kill a tiger with one of those is pretty lulz :sad2:

    I might get it next pay :hmmm:
    I saw you playing Tokyo Jungle on PSN just now :O Is it worth a buy? I've been meaning to get it but I'm a little paranoid that it wont be worth $20 haha

    I could play today for a bit... Perhaps half 1 or 2'ish.

    Might not be for very long, but we could get some games in.

    What time did you say you may do the Tekken?
    I'm asking in advance so that I can figure out whether I can at that time or not.
    The forum community is still in your debt for returning the great :ugh: to us. Thank you, Damon.
    oooo.... so fourth wall breaking and kinda messing around typa thing. i can roll with that. casual and not taking itself seriously.
    I went caster purely for Chiwa Saito XD! Im a huge anime/manga geek XD. My second run, may pick saber.

    Hm.... but the characters.... we shall all be thoise nekos
    haha. You speaking to the wrong person. ANY game that is remotely linked to the Fate series, id take interest in XD. ive actually finished the first run. Had to put it down for another game, but im starting second run soon.

    I cant wait for a carnival rp. though how that would actually run, i ahve no idea. It isnt really coherent, but more like a billion short comedy sketches.

    Now if you'll excuse me, i must go take my memory regressed teenage sister to the toilet with the assistance of a girl schoolmate.
    the BerserCar is a panzer 4! A DISGRACE! Illya is russian, yet BerserCar is a german tank!

    i for one wanna play the fate game at the. and of course.SABER ALL TEH WAY!
    Welp, I think Jade has her final update for quite a while. Power went out earlier and corrupted my PS3 hard drive. I just lack the heart to redo all that again so soon. :hmmm:
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