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  • Odd thing is, i cant seem to go into Alpha As Fuck Group thread or area. Do ihave to buy something from the shop first?
    Thanks. Ja apparently, that was due to a Photobucket bandwidth problem, and I have no idea why, but I guess it will be available again next month.
    Well I listened to it once when I only clicked on the link once. I just happened to notice that the link was still in my History, so I just listened to it again . . .and again . . .and again . . . . .at that point, my ears were having an orgasm . :gonk:
    But now I know . :britt:

    I'll find that album and listen to it . :wacky:

    I'm glad you like it ~ :yay: I had a lot of fun making it too. There could have been a lot of other styles I used for it, but this was the best one I made . :ryan:
    The funny thing is that I hadn't started listening to it until the week after you were going spam happy with the link. :hmph: !

    . . .Thank you . :wacky:
    Oh. Because of you, I have this song stuck in my head.
    And because I have this song stuck in my head, I actually took the time to make this :

    :jtc: !
    It feels good to be a part of it . :ryan:

    I had a feeling Persona would be on the top of the list . :wacky: But I'll definitely look into some of these. I'll need funds though, unless you want me to be a bad influence and start pirating as well . :ahmed:
    I'll try to slow down. :8F: It's always a bad habit of mine to grind in video games from start to finish. And while I'm playing one, I might as well ask if there are any very good RPG games for the PSP out right now ?

    Yes they were. :wacky:

    In other news: FUCK YEAH. PART OF THE 150x150 AVATAR MASTER RACE !
    Well I just beat the Magic Masher boss and most of my characters are in the lv. 40-45 zone. :hmmm:
    WAT?! :gasp: You mean no matter how strong the characters get, the last bosses will be just as strong? That BLOWS ! :rage:
    I'm glad you got to finish it! It's an awesome show - I've rewatched it more times than I can count now. xD Season two will be out in fall - and I can't wait for the year to go faster!
    I adored Sherlock the second he came on screen, and Watson is very likable in this.

    You'll love the show, the first and third episodes are just amazing.

    They are making another season, and it's supposed to be due out by Autumn of this year. I'm just worried, because Irene Adler is going to be in it, and I pray they don't make her a romantic interest for Sherlock - as I much prefer him 'married to his work.'
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