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  • We will . :ahmed:

    Ah, so you admit the Prince is a coward ~ He ran, and then the rest of you ran with him - therefore spreading the title to your blood. Oh, we'll be sure to give you all a warning before we run in. Oh wait, there's no one left to give the warning to because the town is ours now. Small time, huh ? :ahmed:

    [And I can't wait to post it. But Im too distracted by this excellent movie to do so. :ahmed:]
    We'll see about that . :ahmed:

    Well then it sounds like the Prince is a coward. :ahmed: It is you ALL that are the cowards, shamed by royal blood himself, afraid to face death ~ it's alll yoouuu . :ahmed:

    [Oh, I'll be having fun with that one . :ahmed:]
    I'm shaking . :ahmed: Too bad that won't be a guarantee, so you'll never know what happens to the girl till it happens . :ahmed:

    If it were the other way around, we would have stayed and tried to protect the castle, instead of running away. A real hero would defend their home to the death . :ahmed:

    [Me too ~ :griin:]
    She won't have to. Alyss will break on her own from the suffocation of defeat and the blood of those she failed to defend . :ahmed:

    Sure. Go ahead and say that right after you all ran away like rats from us . :ahmed:

    [Clearly they checked with their mouths but couldn't cash with their ass. :wacky:]
    If she stays out of the way, she won't bother with Alyss. But considerriiing that she may try to be a good soldier and put her life in front of the Prince's, I think the chance will be granted . :ahmed:

    Oho, big words for a little elven girl ~ :ahmed: We'll see that the forces of Umbra shant be taken lightly . :ahmed:

    [Btw. In the middle of watching Sucker Punch right now. EXCELLENT movie so far. :yay:]
    Pfft, its the Prince the Tyrant wants alive, not her. :ahmed:

    But we'll see. YOU'LL ALL see . :ahmed: !
    No, but she can decide at what time she and her crew can strike. . .a time where everyone's guard is down and they feel the most safe . . .or maybe at anytime she sees them. . . whether it be day. . . or night . . .dawn or dusk . . .

    Watch me . :ahmed:
    Ahaha Bastard Sword xD Took me longer than it was supposed to to get that one. And good luck with Alyss being afraid of the dark. /still not sure if he should join interesting rp.
    I don't know who you are, either, but I approve of you because you approve of my name. Glad to meet you.
    Oh. sure. You were totally planning on telling me this day even though I brought the topic up . :ahmed:

    You do. :griin: I appreciate it very much .
    Well this set of news is rather late, don't you think? :ness: I wouldn't have had any objections, not that I'm aware of.

    After all, I get a rather worthy 'payment' at past-time ~ :griin:
    Never say no to a job meeting at iHOP ~ :griin:

    :gasp2:! I never signed a contract! :ness: You just. . . kinda. . made me a slave instantly . -__-
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