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  • Oh, what position? Still time for school? O.O

    I'm alright. Finally got some free time from work (like 2-3 shifts a week at most for the last little while).

    Also: I want to apologize. I haven't been a stellar Exalter. I just want you to understand it wasn't because of some malicious feelings-I just had a bit too much on my plate, and I decided to let go of that responsibility in favour of other stuff, and then kind of got comfortable not doing anything. Sorry >.<
    You like Vagrant Story and Oldboy, and you're not on my friend's list? How did that happen?
    I still say your nuts for being full-time and in school, but if you figured out a rhythm, then more power to you.

    Nothing new for me, just busier with work. The last two week I basically racked up 100 hours combined, and even recently I'm working more days than I gave availability for. I'm such a pushover. They ask, I say yes >_>

    Although I'm hoping once I get enough money in my back I may quit and find something related to what I spent paying to learn about :wacky:
    I was finally able to sit down and finish up Sherlock. (I've been rather busy lately. :hmph:)

    The ending was amazing, definitely leaves you wanting more. Very much looking forward to season 2. Thank you once again for the recommendation. :grin:
    Lol yeah i bet it must've killed to bound your chest duing the con! specially considering the amount of heat generated @_@

    I've never cosplayed before, but when i get the chance, i wanna go as Shinya too, but with the style in Channy's plushes pic i submitted :3
    xD the suit looks pretty awesome! lol you did the best you could, not like you could re-arrange yer face to look more masculine!

    just wouldnt feel/look right with a pretty face like that xD

    (not tryna hit on you.)
    Lol you mean with the tux and epic sexy hair? got any pics? i wanna see you n the tux with the hair!?
    *Dorky gigglesnort* Thank you for the friend request! ; u ;
    How was your weekend? Come to think of it, how was your day?
    I woke up today at 8PM. xD Gawd, I'm embarrassed, <////<</ font <<>
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