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  • oooh. isee. but still, i dot like having the same ability as someone who is also in the guards. i may check out the other elements... but wind really would have worked for my character
    Heya vikki. I think im having a power clash with one of Gav's character. I tried to reserve wind like the last few times when i said i was interested, but one of his character has wind power. I kinda called for it before he wrote his character, so do i change her power or what?
    haha, well it was nice talking to you again, anyway, I'm off to sleep for now, got tons of stuff to study tomorrow. Adios.
    ah vacation...must be nice, and a specialist?! wow <.< (Specialist is same as technician or is it not?)
    haha xD well looking at the bright side, it would be only for a year, then I'm gonna be so relaxed. So what are you doing now? :eek:
    ho I see :eek: well if anything I've been busy with university, and starting this fall it's gonna be so busy to the point of depression =|
    I don't remember you "always" being busy, well maybe in the past whatever years you might have been busy. :P
    I'm actually very good these recent months (Believe it or not, not as lazy as before :P ), what about you?
    oh I see, I used skype for like a week but then couldn't bother anymore :P well it's good to see you again.
    Are you like starting from beginning with your names? :mokken: You were Neliel Tu - Saga etc etc. Are you in a loop? :gasp:
    It appears I'll be out from this Wednesday until Sunday. It's all classified. :gasp:

    I'll still be able to make RP posts if necessary. :grin:

    In the meantime... Write up a PT poast if you can. I really like that RP. :gonk:
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