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  1. Duhemsounds

    Staff Promotion Staff Promotions: Six and Galadin

    Congrats Six & Galadin =3 Now Six is becoming Seven :) #EasyBadJoke
  2. Vivi-Gamer

    Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered - Widescreen Campaign (Please Help!) #FF8WIDESCREEN

    Okay, with a little bit of research I've seen there is another company involved with this Remaster: Another interesting little insight: www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/06/dotemu_honored_to_team_up_with_square_enix_for_remastered_version_of_final_fantasy_viii So Dotemu are the guys we need to...
  3. Galadín

    [VOTING] FFXIV Bikini Contest

    Salvae Celeres & Jun Sasaki at FFF's Free Company House with a wild Mitsuki Calei lurking nearby. Time to vote for your favourite entry! #1: Jason Tandro #2: Jun Sasaki 3: Mitsuki Calei #4: Polyphemos Bromios #5: Salvae Celeres #6: Seven Rivers PRIZES 1st Place: 5 BWP 2nd...
  4. Bambi

    How often do you swear?

    Fuckin hell this thread is a blast ftom the past hahahaha #ontopic Yep, i still swear as much as i did 11 years aho. Only this time, im the old one fist shaking at the youngins Fml
  5. Galadín

    Discussion FC Gardening and Chocobo Training

    Another update on our FC crops! All matured crops have been harvested which includes x8 Thavnairian Onions. Bed #1 has been resown to obtain a Mimett Gourd seed cross, Bed #2 is resown for Thavnairian Onion seed cross while Bed #3 contains the x6 Thavnairian Onion Seeds that we have remaining...
  6. Six


    Shameless Tesco promotion plug, dang. Use the promo code #DontAtMeFilly for 0% off. --- No allergies on my end as far as I'm aware, thankfully! I see people who do get struck by the pollen plague and I can't say I can relate! :lew:
  7. Galadín

    Discussion FC Gardening and Chocobo Training

    Hello folks! As of now the first two plots at the FC mansion are planted! Big thank you to @Mitsuki for supplying the Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil we needed to get started. For those who are curious, the first garden holds our Almond and Shroud Tea Leaves inter-crossing crop, which we hope to get a...
  8. Dionysos

    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    Why am I listening to this? Other than "why not?", you should wait and see this Winter. Please be excited! @Soulcorruptor #Magazine #TimberManiacs
  9. Dionysos

    Top 30 Final Fantasy Villains Countdown (Complete!)

    I'm late as I've been very busy, but that is certainly an interesting choice for #1! While I don't think I'd pick him as my personal #1, I don't disagree with that entirely as I really do love that villain. At first I was unsure about him and his motives, but once I understood who he was I was...
  10. VillainFan42

    Top 30 Final Fantasy Villains Countdown (Complete!)

    Just added #2, and... heh heh... ...please don't kill me. Anyway, stay tuned for #1 tomorrow!
  11. Six

    (Closed) FFF Drawing Prompts (October 2018)

    Week 4, prompt #2: Pumpkin
  12. shivas

    (Closed) FFF Drawing Prompts (October 2018)

    Week 4, prompt #1: MMO Raid Boss I went with Omega-F [Deltascape V4.0] from FFXIV
  13. Six

    YouTube FFF Sims Lifestream Episode VII: High Cruel Musical

    Looooooool! Liv @Linnaete, I can only hope you enjoy writing these as much as we enjoy reading them because all the articles crack me up! :lew: I admit I was a bit nervous if my play style could give you enjoy content to write about but this was great! @Mitsuki You are not allowed to do the...
  14. Six

    Hello there

    Ooo, another FFVII fan! Welcome to the forum. By far my favourite FF in the series too! #RemakeHype! Who's your favourite character in the game? :D
  15. Mitsuki

    (Closed) FFF Drawing Prompts (September 2018)

    Get your sketchbooks ready, because for the first time ever, we’re holding drawing prompts challenge for the month of September! Depending how this goes, we may continue if the interest is there. Anyone can join, you don’t need to be an artist. Simply submit drawings according to the days of...
  16. Linnaete

    YouTube FFF Sims Lifestream Episode V: Woohoos and Coochy Coos

    "My very small inner goddess sways in a gentle victorious samba." Readers may remember I read out reprinted an email from a lovely man named Ben Dover last week. He wrote to complain about the conspicuous lack of hugs, kisses and sex on our show. When he accosted me on the street, I calmly...
  17. Linnaete

    YouTube FFF Sims Lifestream Episode IV: A New Nope

    Hello, darkness, my old friend... Believe it or not, we do get emails and social media messages about our Sims show. Ideally feedback and messages of either joy or outrage reach Mitsuki first and foremost, but I've disgracefully also been granted the job of reading and replying to all our...
  18. Mitsuki

    FFF Sims Lifestream (Discussion)

    Here’s the link to a teaser video showing off the FFF town and such. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/280995545 ChocoBrah and Moogals are a thing now! They are all NPC and I have no plans to control these sims, but we’ll be able to interact with them. Also, I won’t be adding Forest Owls (House 2)...
  19. Mitsuki

    FFF Sims Lifestream (Discussion)

    Oh I didn’t even see the latest posts until now. Sorry for the wait! I fell ill for a few days but I’m on the road to recovery so I’m planning on streaming tomorrow. I just finished House 2. Poor Tami, Ross, Tia, and Adam. The house is huge and filled with expensive furniture/decorations that...