FFFrog It - FF7R Drawing Event


Ribbit, friends.

I'm sure everyone got a kick out of seeing Cloud frog with a mini buster sword on his back. If you missed it, go check out the new trailer they dropped at TGS 2019!
To really make such a great moment shine, let's create our own Cloud Frog.


- Submit your art on FFF, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
- Draw Cloud Strife as a frog.
- All art forms accepted.
- Use the hashtag #fffrogit and tag @ finalfantasyforums to get featured on social media.

Submissions close Sunday the 15th of September.

@Mitsuki I totally thought, as I was scrolling down, that you were recreating the Midgar Zolom scene! 😂 Yet I still find this cute somehow!

@Six I didn't even think about the Frog Song! Love it! Plus the little hair! 🎶 ❤

I seriously can't get enough of Cloud Frog you guys!
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I need to learn how you all take good photos / scans of your work... Maybe I need to work on shading so that it can show up more clearly.

Mine is called 'The Third Option'

Look at whichever version is actually easier to look at and retains the details.

Photo version:

Scan version:


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@charmy I seriously love your Frog-Cloud! He's so cute and I love the color!

@Dionysos I love your attention to detail on this one. Not only have you included Frog-Barret and his tiny hand-gun but you also included the forbidden stockings and incorporated a pair of nice looking frog-boobs. 👏👏👏

Thanks to everyone who has entered! This whole event had me in giggles throughout.

I’ll be handing out the rewards in the upcoming few days, but I’ve been a bit cramped with other things I have to take care of.

Thanks again to everyone who’s participated in this last minute event. The enthusiasm was real in this one. 😆