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  1. Miko

    The Discord Quotes Thread

    Wasn't expecting this gem to pop up today. :wacky: #Pinglethingy
  2. Miko

    The Discord Quotes Thread

  3. Daenoxiis

    [V5] What's Your Mood?

    Mood: "I'm not dead yet, am I?" Generally speaking, my job isn't too stressful. Mostly because I've fried bigger fish before. Lately though, it's been a steep learning curve, and definitely more emotionally trying than what it normally is. I haven't touched FFVII in like a week or two. I'm...
  4. Miko

    The Discord Quotes Thread

    Linnaete Today at 10:41 AM Whenever it rains there's a big gathering of unmoving earthworms on the pavement outside. Soulcorruptor Today at 10:42 AM Unless you want to be 40-50 some years old? Jake Today at 10:42 AM It could absolutely be 3am here, yes No regrets Linnaete Today at 10:42 AM...
  5. Paddy McGee

    Film Friends Forever - Discussion, Movie Suggestions! (Discord Only)

    OKAY NEW THREAD POST NEW ME LET'S GO LADS LETS ROCK THIS SHIT PEOPLE ... Anyway, I'm hype for the establishment of a new schedule. We are going to alternate Friday and Saturday, starting with Friday the 27th November - except for Christmas week. Instead, I will be running the film night on...
  6. Final Fantasy Forums

    FFXIV News

    FFXIV's #StayAtHome campaign is something else.
  7. Dionysos

    Speculation about FFVIII before it was released

    Without doing any research I don't know where to get my hands on that (so I'll be no help if you've been looking for it for 6 months), but I do hope you manage it! Reading the cover, it seems they had plans for Ehrgeiz 2! Seems too early to be Dissidia, so if they really were planning an...
  8. Raspberry

    SPOILERS Why i'm no longer excited for future parts

    SO what was the point of showing off some of the most biggest changes in FF7 history so early in part 1? Keep in mind that Square Enix has flat-out lied in the past. and i don't doubt that this is a lie as well. First of all, there is still plenty of room to re-interpret what he is saying. It...
  9. Raspberry

    SPOILERS Why i'm no longer excited for future parts

    I've always felt the Final Fantasy brand has slowly lowered in quality. But Final Fantasy as a franchise still understood what it was. Despite the shortcomings of each individual FF game. I was so excited for FF7 Remake. One of the reasons why was because i thought this was SE saying "we F***d...
  10. Prince Oberyn Martel

    Playstation Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    As a part of the WHO #PlayingApartTogether initiative going on at the moment, during the first hour of 'on track' play each day, players connected to the internet will receive a 5x bonus multiplier to the Wumpa Coins they earn during Online Matchmaking. Essentially twice the amount of time...
  11. ravensecho

    *Pretend this thread name is witty but accept the fact its still an introduction thread*

    There are things i love in all of the games except the 13 strand and 15 i do play ff 14 just not as much these days XD Thanks very much for the welcome 6 and indeed #teamff7 but also #teamATB
  12. Six

    *Pretend this thread name is witty but accept the fact its still an introduction thread*

    Welcome to the forum, Raven! #teamff7 :D
  13. ravensecho

    Remastered Rant

    #lifestreamnotspiritstream But yeah, Ill take a closer look when i play it next, was just wondering what you had seen that i had failed to spot, but then again i am taking my time with the remaster 8 purely because i waited so long for it to come out XD Also wanted to try the "OP by level 3"...
  14. shivas

    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    I SHOULD BE SLEEPING BUT THIS SONG WON'T STOP PLAYING IN MY HEAD so I'm fixing it by listening to it #logic
  15. JigoKuu

    White Elephant 2019

    My time has come!:D I'm a bad, bad child who plans to steal Present #9! Sorry, Paddy McGee, nothing personal. :,D
  16. Miko

    White Elephant 2019

    Soulcorruptor knows without a doubt he's been a good boy this year, and fingers crossed Santa got him what he's been wishing for this Christmas season! He hands Dan his beer and rushes in towards present #3 ripping it's pretty wrapping to shreds to reveal what most certainly is alcohol...
  17. Miko

    White Elephant 2019

    🎄White Elephant 🎅 2019 -Updated after each turn- Present # 1 shivas 1GP + 3CT ♾️😻 Present # 2 Dionysos JigoKuu 3CT Present # 3 Soupcorruptor 4CT Present # 4 Ross 3CT Username Color Present # 5 Setzer Gabbiani 'Snowflake' Username Present # 6 Paddy McGee Dionysos Paddy McGee...
  18. Duhemsounds

    Original [32/32 released] Duhemsounds Original Compositions

    Wilderness Run my new composition is now available, a wild jungle ambiance :)
  19. Duhemsounds

    Original [32/32 released] Duhemsounds Original Compositions

    Shamanic Rituals is my new original composition now available on YouTube, Spotify & all main platforms. A tribal ambiance :)
  20. Miko

    [VOTING] FFF Spooktober Scary Story Studio

    #1 was probably the worst thing I've ever read in the history of ever. 0/10 wouldn't read about naked Queen Brahne again. #3 & #5 were a bit more member-oriented so I don't have much to say on them, though I appreciated the very few things I did know. (As well as #5's interesting pseudonym.) At...