[V7] What are you currently listening to?

This song also came on while I was still at work and I'm always why do these always hit so good <3

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Do you want me to stay with you this night long?
(Cloti may become like in "Closer" since then)
I love to dance but love the fire more.

Beside the fire, standing in front of Sephiroth, the fat and money-bags Shinra supervisors, and her villagers, Claudia says: This song is about people from far years ago before they nowadays only know to sit in the office and go to the factories and reactors to work.
The Masamune sword brights due to the fire’s reflection, but she never feels scared. Closing her eyes to focus on the dance, she knows her villagers will never stop fighting…
Bringing up Cloud alone, she’s no different from a warrior.

This is a beautiful song that YouTube threw at me one day, but it fills me with a terrible sense of longing for something long lost or unobtainable.
Still, I appreciate it!
Rizomagic x Ñocoñoco

And if we start to fall in love in the dark
In the sunrise we part, that time we had was gold
Funny story too since this is also randomly on my spotify while at work and also one of the automated machines that move totes around the building plays the tune of this song's chorus. There are other machines that do the same thing and i know one has one from DBZ and another has Dragon Quest. still figuring out the others... IT a buncha nerds we all knowwww :ROFLMAO:

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I'm beating your brains with a bat,
I'm swinging it back, it's booky, I bite 'cause I'm bored!

Yes I'm tyrannical bro, so?

Meshell Ndegeocello x Clear Water
My son’s watching Minecraft on YT and I have to sit with him. That’s okay. Just my mood :eyeroll:
Wajeed x Right Now

wake up babe Bloc Party released a new song
(been listening to it nonstop and it hasn't even been a day yet)
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Rufus: Report!
Reno: Sir. You may not believe what we’re looking at.
Rufus: What are you exactly looking at?
Reno: People are moving to the Capital. They’re Cetra.
Rufus: Are you sure?
Reno: Yes, sir, because they can use magic without using Materia
Rufus: How many people moving there?
Reno:…Too many
People stand behind Aerith. Looking straight at the scepter, she whispers: …fighting…until stop breathing.
(hope Rebirth will be cool)