[V7] What are you currently listening to?

Ambient music for when you want to get stuff done and shut the world out. I find myself listening to random music of an ambient sort more often than I listen to music on my ipod etc these days. And tonight for some reason (maybe algorithms and somebody stalking the fact that I've mentioned Avatar in our Discord) I have now been presented with an Avatar-themed one.

"I'm a man of many wishes
I hope my premonition misses"

It is a great song. And one that I have for some reason only recently discovered.

I am deep in a river
Waves above my head
Help with my spirit
We descend
We reach the end

We descend
We reach the end

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Run to the water,
And fiiiiiiiiiiiind me thereeeeeeeeeeeee
Burnt to the core but not broken

Was it all a waste? Was it all in vain?
I still want you by my side,
In my heart you'll staaaaaaaaaaaaay
Even if the sun refused to shine
Can you tell me true, tell me true, is there any use in us keeping onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Was it all in vain?

We turned exactly into what we said we'd never ever, never ever...

Ooh, I said I'd never let you down
You said you'd never let me down
And now I gotta let you let me leave
Ooh, I said I'd never let you down
You said you'd never let me down
And now I gotta let you let me leave

Central Park is Sea World for trees...

A great cover. Probably one of the greatest covers.

Made a beautiful and poignant song even more beautiful and poignant.

I've tried to just be me like a thousand times.

Fuck them all.
They want me like a lightbulb,
Burn out with the sun,
Swept under the rug again.

Am I insane?
I think this is my moment.
Yeah, nothing's standing here in my way.
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D'Angelo and the Vanguard x Ain't That Easy

I spy with my little eye...
Squalus x Eating Machine in the Pond
Finished God of War: Ragnarok about a month ago and was touched a bit by the theme song.

To me it really is a great song to embody Kratos' journey, as a metaphor for his tattoos, his relationships, as well as the environment he finds himself in. I love how it flows into the God of War main theme too.

The two recent God of War games were far better than they had any right to be, and now rank as some of my favourite games. Talk about redeeming a character, making you not only root for him but feel for him. If Kratos can be loved (and worshipped) out of respect and gratitude rather than fear, then maybe there is hope for any of us who have made mistakes in life.

I forgot the can opener for your head
I'll have to look into your eyes instead
I think I heard someone say they're windows in some way

I hope they're clean so I can look into your brain


So here it is
The planets cry
We'll rip the stellar sky
Make way when worlds collide
I know a heart of steel
Won't reconcile your mecha love

You hold your guns so tall

You think you've got it all