[V7] What are you currently listening to?

inc. no world x Waters of You

From the signal you are sending
Got a feeling this is ending

Unknown Mortal Orchestra x Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)

King Princess played before Florence + the Machine in Melbourne the other day. It was my first time hearing them and I was actually very impressed. This is a catchy song!

Speaking of, hearing Florence sing this live was actually a dream. Phew. Amazing vibes
Be All Things by Chelsea Wolfe

I cannot stop
I want to be all things
I've got to let go
I want to be all things
Unknown Mortal Orchestra x Meshuggah

forced to work this weekend so nothing like some chill music to help me relax :chocobo:

Cursed by akrasia
Pull me off this hook
It won’t be over till I say so
It won’t be over till I let go

forced to work this weekend so nothing like some chill music to help me relax :chocobo:

I see what you did there... And I respect it!

I'm listening to Ashley Johnson covers on YouTube to relax tonight.

I've decided that every song should have an Ashley Johnson cover. I think she is wonderful all round, an it is like Ellie herself is singing.
Hope you remember my love
Remember my name
Put a message in the post
I hope you get it by May
Lock my past in the basement
I've found your perfect replacement


lmaaaaooo this music video always cracks me up
Caroline's Monkey by Depeche Mode

Caroline's monkey claws at her back
Colder than winter
Darker than black
Caroline's monkey is hungry again
Running with scissors

On needles and pins
SHAFIQ HUSAYN ft. COULTRAIN x Message in a Bottle
Crimson Stone by Chelsea Wolfe & Converge

Fate will split the earth
Falling in
This hole again
Dying sense of worth

Stand in the way and fate will simply go around
Forces at play
Forces at play flipping worlds upside down
Trembling souls
Trembling souls shaken into piles of bone
Blood running cold
Blood running cold before it hardens into stone

Crimson stone

RE4 Remake is so good and so are the remade tracks but..... nothing will beat the original Serenity

(I guess it's just the nostalgia, my older brother was addicted to this game when it first came out but he wasn't very good at english, so I printed a guide from gamefaqs to help him with all the unlockable and blue medallions etc, fun days :flower: , kinda want him to play the remake too but he's got two young daughters now so I doubt he has the time :worried:)

God only knows but you'll never leave her... ♪

Light Shadowbringers battle spoilers in the above vid but it is the only one I could find of this version of the song.

Today was Shakespeare's traditionally held birthday (23rd April) so tonight I've been listening to What Angel Wakes Me (Titania's theme) from FFXIV. Specially for this thread the rockier Primals version of the track (but also the regular version and trippy Pulse version).