Kitase: Final Fantasy XIII-2 depends on Western sales

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Oct 25, 2009
Of the interesting notes in this interview at, perhaps the most eye-catching is that when Final Fantasy XIII designer Yoshinori Kitase experesses his interest in a Final Fantasy XIII-2. At the interviewer’s first mention of it, there was some initial laughter and the line “That depends on how well the game sells in the West!” But the director went on to say, “In the past three years we worked both on the world and on the various systems. Creating these systems isn’t very glamourous and can frankly be a bit boring. If we could do a XIII-2, we could direct all our attention to the story and refine what we have already built.”

We’ll see if that project actually gets off the ground. The game has been selling well all over the world, and stranger things have certainly happened. Time will tell.

The full writeup of Harry Hol’s interview with Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama can be read here.

Source: RPG Land

Thanks to Olivia for the heads up.
Ummm well this is really great news. I already knew it would happen eventually but srsly XIII just came out and they are already planning XIII-2? Come on SE work on Versus and Agito a little first and then bring XIII-2 in 3 years or so. Great to see the game selling well :awesome:
Saying it depends on sales in the West is essentially the same as saying "we'll make it", really. Final Fantasy sells by the millions. So, FFXIII-2 in 2013, if we're lucky.
It may as well happen, I think Final Fantasy XIII has already shipped 5 Million in the first few days in the UK. Part two will happen.
Yes by 2013 it should happen. It is selling alot right now. X came out in 2001 and X-2 in 2004 so it should take about 3 years for XIII-2. Meh I still dont know why SE announces this as soon as XIII comes out xD. Im gonna hope they still work on Versus and Agito. Oh and they really are gonna have to scrap The VII remake if they want to make XIII-2 FAST!
That means a FFXIII-2 will be inevitable then if it "depends on western sales" (how's it selling - well isn't it?). Personally I don't really want it to happen. FFXIII is good so far and all - but I would rather they just keep going forward with FFXV. Fabula Nova Crystallis is already being formed anyway with Versus and Agito.

If they do make FFXIII-2, they already have the foundations of the characters and the world, so they can easily do that. They did say a LOT of content was snipped - enough for a whole separate game. So it is really feasible.

EDIT: Let me make it clear that this doesn't mean a FFXIII-2 is in the cards. The article says that it's just an idea. It's nothing concrete.
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Yes by 2013 it should happen. It is selling alot right now. X came out in 2001 and X-2 in 2004 so it should take about 3 years for XIII-2. Meh I still dont know why SE announces this as soon as XIII comes out xD. Im gonna hope they still work on Versus and Agito. Oh and they really are gonna have to scrap The VII remake if they want to make XIII-2 FAST!

First off. They didn't announce anything. This is a thought.

Secondly, FFX and FFX-2 were on the PS2. Big difference in development for the PS2 and the PS3.
What would be the point?

I don't think there is any real point either. But here is an excerpt from the author of the article with a possible explanation why there may be a point in FFXIII-2.

While building teams is now in the hands of the player, the responsibility of building the unique worlds of Pulse and Cocoon rested firmly on the shoulders of the Final Fantasy creators. Even after playing a mere five hours, it feels to me that there is much more to this universe than this story. It seems obvious to continue adventures on these two worlds in a direct sequel.
Other than the argument that FFXIII's universe may need to be expanded on more because of how sophisicated it is, there is no real point of making a FFXIII-2 actually - nothing that a novel can't do for example.
Isn't this exactly what they said about Dissidia? They said they'd make a sequel depending on the sales in the West for that game, and now they're saying it for FFXIII?

I dunno what to expect *shrugs*
I have yet to get XIII sadly so I can't really say "yes a sequal will be good." or "no." I mean, they did it for X as well and it turned out to not be that great tbh=/
Sequal's will haveta be like 10times as good >_> for it to be a real hit though, if i reacall X-2 didn't it sell quite high?

Final Fantasy is quite popular so, i'm sure they'll most likely end up doing it as they say by "sales."

I mean who knows? :monster:
I don't know anything about the story of XIII so I can't say I agree or disagree with a sequel or not. But If it gets carried out like VII did then I'll say no. That title has too many spin offs, sequels, prequels, everything. It's just too much.

But the visuals in XIII are far superior to any game I've seen so far, so maybe by then every other game series will catch up, and XIII will have some real competition.

So I say yes, as long as It's not a selected party like X-2.
I enjoyed Yuna's story, but having only three characters the whole time was kinda a drag.
Well they could make Final Fantasy XIII Zero as a game you know? It could happen in the future or something. But if they do ever decide to make a sequel like for now they have an idea of it but they cant just go right away to a sequel. I know its gonna happen because they did day FAbula Novala Crystallus would expand. They should work on Versus and Agito and release the by the middle of 2011 and for this if they start devolpment right away about 3 years. But XV will obviously interfere with this so it will take even longer.
That'd be great, I guess. I've yet to even finish FFXIII, so I'm not sure where they would go with the story. I remember FFX ended on a cliffhanger, so to speak. If you count that extra clip as a cliffhanger. :wacky: But he makes it out to be a good idea, saying now that world is already built, they can concentrate on story etc... which I think would be wonderful. But, then again, I've yet to finish FFXIII so I'm not too sure. :]

Nice thought, though.
Oh God I hope they focus on FF Versus more instead....
I'm beginning to wonder if they've forgotten about FF Versus XIII and how many people have been itching for this game for bloody ages? They throw all these teaser trailers at us and pictures of the main characters, so where the hell is it? Why aren't we seeing more on Versus? Last thing I want to hear about is an XIII-2. I want more about Versus, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
The game has been out a week and yet there's an idea that there might be a sequel already?

I find this quite boring to be honest. People shouldn't be jumping for joy just yet. There're far more other important games to come out, meaning the ones Mandi mentioned above in her post. So as far as this goes, it's just speculation, an idea ... whatever you wanna call it.
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