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Do you have a sweet tooth? A savoury tongue? Salty tonsils? Do you eat at some point just to continue your existence?

Whether for passion or convenience, why not enter this contest and earn some easy points? FFF’s recipe contests are usually very popular so let's not end that tasty tradition today!

What do you do?
Simply cook a meal, prepare a light snack, a cold meal, or a dessert, and arrange it in a way which turns it into a Final Fantasy themed dish. You must then take a photograph and give a name to your dish which fits into the Final Fantasy universe. You can then eat them if you like.

Use this basic template for submitting your dish:
Name of dish:
Recipe: (list of ingredients and particular details of preparation if you wish to add them)

Be creative! You can use any edible ingredients that you wish in order to make and arrange your meal. It might mean merely tweaking your standard lunch and giving it a strange name, or you could go crazy and plop a cabbage into a bowl of soup, give it eyes and a mouth and call it ‘Malboro Swamp’. Or something like that!

Submit all entries via Private Message to Dionysos by June 23rd 27th.

After submissions have been received people will vote on their favourite dish.

  • Try to avoid identifying yourself in any images.
  • You can pretend that some ingredients are a Final Fantasy item if you wish (i.e swap chicken for chocobo).
  • Be safe! Don't choke on your food or poison yourself.

1st place: 5 EXP
2nd place: 3 EXP
3rd place: 2 EXP
Participation: 1 EXP

Post any queries below.

Good luck, and be prepared to interrupt me to say- "That's it! I've come up with a new recipeh!!!"
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Don't forget to send your recipes to me if you intend to enter.

We have under a week left!

Assuming you aren't lost in a desert and that you eat and don't gain your energy via photosynthesis like Quiet and The End in Metal Gear Solid, you are likely to encounter food at least a couple of times before then. Why not consider snapping a photo of your cheese sandwich and call it a Garula Cheese Sandwich, and so on?
In line with the extended deadlines for other events, this event has also been extended. The new deadline (the absolute latest deadline) is now June 27th.
Absolutely final call for entries! Today and tomorrow are your last days!

If we delay then Six will eat you and you will become the new recipe. It's just not worth the risk. :thehead:
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