General FF Discussion Thread

Even the first million battles are tutorials, its like FFS give me SOME credit, I think I know how to STEAL or use MAGIC ughhhh
The one thing I hate is how some boses have multiple forms. Once you think you beat the boss, he then transforms and you have to beat them again. It really makes me made when they don't give you a break in between certain boss battles. Even though it irritates me, I like that they give you that challenge.
The weapons of FF are a great thing of inspiration for me recieving a final Weapon like the Ragnarok or Lionheart or chasing down the legendary Caladbolg and the Nirvana
and stuff like rocking upto Ipsens Castle (FF9) and havin to use the initial equips yknow it stuff like that that makes the wepons of FF my favorite part of this series
OMG Multiple boss forms, I remember fighting and fighting and fighting the last chick in FF8 but I think the thing that gets the most annoying in the FF games are random encounters. I don't mean the system, I mean the frequency but hey, how else are we going to get strong enough to save the world?
I beat Final Fantasy XIII at 11.56pm on December 31st 2009. Now since it is 2010, no one can say that.

This doesn't really add much to the thread, Adrian. Please try and expand a bit in future posts. Also, there are probably lots of people in Japan that can say that. xD

As for me, I really hate tutorials that you can't skip. The FF7 materia tutorial immediately springs to mind. >_>

And those summon sequences that you just can't skip, particularly the really long ones like Bahamut Zero, Knights of the Round, Eden, etc. I rarely used summons due to the long scenes involved.
The Series is awesome. My friend got me into playing X which started me playing FF. X was awesome. The story was so enthralling and the graphics were awesome. I hunted down every single FF game I could find so that I could enjoy the series. The Legacy installments were kind of boring, but the newer games are awesome. I may continue playing the series until whenever due to the fact that its so good.
Final Fantasy is definitely one of the best video game series' out there, with such amazing consistency of being really superb games. Well, was let down by FFIX, but ah well.

FFVII is my favourite of them, the cast of characters is the best, Nanaki being my favourite FF character, period. The relationship Cloud has with Tifa, then Aerith later on, near the start of the events in the original Final Fantasy VII game, is interesting too.

Tifa is a brave person that can fight off monsters with using just her fists and kicking, certainly capable of fending for herself. While Aerith seems so innocent, and not too much for battling, nor has she the strength for it, she mainly can heal and just support the other party members in battle.
I love Final Fantasy, my top fav video game! From the music to the graphics etc., amazing! I first found out about it when I had watched my eldest brother play Final Fantasy VII and from that time onwards, I really liked it! I never got to play that particular game though in the series, but I liked some of the characters from it and loved the battle theme music! Cait Sith and Red VIII (Not sure if I got his name right?! correct me if I'm wrong! :P) are my fav characters from that game.
The graphics besides some other things have definitely changed quite a lot throughout the other games (Currently playing FFX and the graphics are amazing!).
I love the Final Fantasy series. Though I haven't played many, just give me a game and I'll play it and pass it. :) I love II and IX the best, though I love IX more. From II are Firion and Gordon, while on IX I like all the main characters, though I love Eiko the most. Not the best summoner type, but an awesome White Mage. :ryan:
I'm trying to run through FFI right now, which I got on the Virtual Console so it's the original version of the game. I wasn't expecting the mass amount of grindage needed. It's probably my least favorite part of the game. It doesn't help that the battle system is so damn slow, but I guess the series had to start somewhere.

However, one thing I really liked was from FFIV, where pretty much all of the ultimate weapons are in the final dungeon, and the ultimate summon (Bahamut) is on the moon as well. It's nice that all of the things I wanted were in the same area, as it causes a lot less frustration. However, every weapon was guarded by an optional boss, so the challenge was still there, just not the boredom. I thought it was a really good idea.
The Final Fantasy series as a whole has a lot of weird quirks to it. Some I haven't grown to appreciate.

But generally the games are really good. It's surprising how they can keep pulling off games with new characters, and characters that are generally likable.

As far as gameplay goes, I like a game where I can cast a magic spell and have it capable of doing nice amounts of damage... such as IV.
Main thing I like about any Final Fantasy game is the story. I, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X all had very good and fun stories IMO. Even Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo GameCube, though that's the most fun to play with other people than by yourself.

I also love a good side quest here and there. VII I believe had it fair share, and so did VIII. Oh man I loved the side quests I would run into while playing Final Fantasy VIII. And I always like those questions that give you a couple of different ways to respond 8D I teased Rinoa in one scene by claiming she was my girlfriend when talking to somebody else. Hehe.
Just about all of the Final Fantasies have great stories. I say that because I still haven't finished FFVIII yet (not even past the first disc). And every one of them has great music (even XII). I'll agree and say that FFXIII was not the best FF, but probably because we expect too much out of a FF. If it wasn't called FF, it probably would have been much better than it's given credit for
VIII's got a fantastic story IMO. Probably my favourite story of any of the FFs. I think it's the second disc, particularly towards the end of the disc, where it really starts picking up pace.
Thing that annoyed me most about FF was after someone turned off the ps2 :-)/) during the final Yu yevon battle in FFX, and i couldn't for the life of me beat jecht again. Ended up raging and started the game again, still haven't finished it. T'was ridiculous.