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Nov 19, 2006
What did you like / not like about things you chose specific games? Is there something in particular you hated in any game/number of games? Something you really enjoyed in one/more then one? Something that made you want to throw the game out of the window? Tell us all about them here!

One liners will not be tolerated ;)
there was one moment in one game where i just went crazy. i cant remember wich game it was but i had to do this really anoying puzzle.
I hate that part on FF3 where you have to go into the statue of the Nepto Dragon, but you can't return to normal size.
there was one moment in one game where i just went crazy. i cant remember wich game it was but i had to do this really anoying puzzle.
That really doesn't contribute to the topic much...

I'd say since this topic is pretty new still, I'll have to say that the older games, even though the graphics are a bit hard on the eyes at times, the stories are quite intriguing. I mean I played FFV and FFVI after the newer games in the series, and the Old School feeling they have of "Fantasy" really delivered, Castles, Dragons, Kings and Kingdoms, discovering summons, the enemy poisoning waters to kill off a whole city, etc...

There's just so much you can pick up on from the hatred towards an enemy, to the love relationships and friendsships between characters, it's amazing. I think I'm more tempted to go back and replay FFVI or FFV than I am FFVII or FFXII or those games.
I hate that part on FF3 where you have to go into the statue of the Nepto Dragon, but you can't return to normal size.
I hated ALL the parts in FFIII when you had to shrink down to the smaller size, like when you had to visit the village of the Gnomes. I sort of wish they were all wiped from the game. <_<
I only started playing FFIII before I left for Basic Training, but I came across only one part where you had to shrink down and go through tunnels in either a Frog form or something like that. It made my characters so much more suscpetible to attacks and status ailments and junk.

I know there was one part where you had to shrink down in tunnels and junk and right as soon as you got out, a boss battle awaited me. That sucked because I had to spend the first few turns healing myself and making my characters appropriate size again. Otherwise I didn't have to many initial complaints about FFIII, for as far into as I got atleast.
It occured to me yesterday that whenever I pick u pa new FF to (re)play, all I ever do it complain, from start to end, everytime I arrive in a new area, Im like Ughhh I hate this place it drags on or, the monsters piss me off becasue they are all status abusing butt heads, Ive complained so many times since restarting FFX, Mi'ihen Highroad is too long, Thunder plains is too thundery, Macalania forest another one thats too long, The calm lands are too big, I always get lost at gagazet....

Im the same with every single game I play xD
I think my biggest pet-peeve about starting new games over is in the beginning when the characters hit for like 30HP and it royally blows how weak your characters seem when you know they will be able to hit for 5,000+ HP at the end of the game.

I mean I start up the game and already look forward to going after those legendary weapons and final bosses and dungeons and all that jazz. I think also reliving and watching those amazing and epic FMV's/cut-scenes keeps me motivated big time to stick with the game and keep playing it.
I agree that starting games from the start suck. I just get really annoyed, because I want them to be uber like, straight away. xD

But, the most annoying thing about starting a FF game from the start again is the tutorial part of the game. I loathe them, so very much D= FFVII, VIII and X in particular. It's much more bearable in FFIX and XII. But FFX really takes the piss. It's not until they get Ifrit that it stops being so tutorial-like. D=<
Omg tutorials make me want to gouge my eyes out -_-

Unskippable tutorials REALLY get my goat, Im sat there thinking IVE PLAYED THIS AME A MILLION TIMES BEFORE, WHY CAN'T YOU TAKE THAT INTO ACCOUNT?! X is another one of them games that are unskippable with tutorials, and they are quite lengthy too! I think XII takes the biscuit for irritating tutorials though -_-
I thought XII was okay, tutorial wise. It was really just the Reks part that was all tutorial-like, and then the 5 minutes when Penelo joined the first time, and ten minutes with Fran and Balthier.

The earlier FF's are much better with tutorials, FFVI in particular is great :gasp: There's hardly any of them :wacky:
Theres that whole long winded tutorial in the pub though, you know about hunts and shit?

I remember restarting and I actually gave up because I couldnt be arsed with the tutorial, then by the time i picked it up again I just restarted AGAIN becuase Id left it so long before getting back round to it

Tutorials REALLY grind my gears

oh and you know what ELSE fucks me of, iots floors that damamge you, or floors with TRAP DOORS, Its more so in the earlier FF's but oh GAWD, they have me RAGING, i always forget that I can cast float over the floors, until I get through the area and I facepalm for about 10 minutes afterwards xD
I'd forgotten about that one D=<

I'm glad FFVIII gave you the option to skip the tutorial, I think that's why it has one of the best starts, although that's kinda ruined as I spend hour and hours drawing before moving on D=
If it's not one thing, it's another :wacky:

Not being able to skip uber long summoning sequences pisses me off aswel, I swear I could make a 5 course meal waiting for KOTR to get on with it. I almost wet myself when you could shorten the Summons in X and just press X in Crisis Core to get rid of them xDDD
Summons in FFVII piss me off the most, especially when I can't select commands in that time. I get really impatient and just spam X until the animation ends. I liked how they could be shortened in FFX too.

I think they sucked the most in FFVIII too. Yes, they were different, but they took so long. Eden in particular D=<
AHahahahah aI do that too xDD

And that stupid finger with a cross comes up making that mooing noise at you, I thought that was just me that that enraged so much :wacky:
Oh no, it's so very enraging. D= I'm just an impatient person and it pecks my head in :wacky:

Although, what's more annoying is boosting in FFVIII, and then failing and resetting the count halfway through. I do that with Shiva all the time ;_;
If I had to pick one it is at the start of FFX, where you have tutorials that take ages and everything is explained to you in detail. I don't understand why, why not just let players find out for themselves, instead of having Auron and Rikku schooling you?

Strange, that stuff didn't really annoy me on my first playthrough, but in the second it was a pain.
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It's not so much the tutorials that peck my head, its the fact that some of them are unskippable its INFURIATING, i woudnt mind, becuase first run, I can check out the tutorial, let it go completely over my head then work it out through trial and error, but its when you replay and you sit mashing the X button trying to get them to speak faster that reallllly gets my goat
I agree. I found the tutorials useful the first time I play the game, or when I replay months/years later and actually read them. But when you know the game inside and out, it's highly frustrating that you can't skip them. I think the wya they're built into the story of FFX makes them that way too, since it doesn't stop being so tutorial like until you've left Besaid.

Which makes sense, story-line wise, but it really puts me off replaying FFX, does the beginning. xD