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  • I actually accidentally clicked in to your profile but I noticed we have the same birthday. May 17th, huzzah!
    Lol are you serious!? You were on that forum too? Haha 7 years ago i was on that site i caused so much shit i caused me and the person i was arguing with to be perma-banned. What was your name on the forum?
    Only other site i was at, was www.squareforums.com

    but back then i was under adifferent name. Sephiroth123 then name changed to Sadako.

    Lol i caused some hard ass shit back in the day to that forum....ahh the memories lol....
    Sensible comment time. You're a pretty awesome guy!

    Had to break the cody ero-ness in your VM
    Patiently waiting won't get you anything. You have to seize and take what you want. :kinky:
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