FFF Drawgust 2019


Originally prompted to show a little gratitude towards our artists posting daily sketch exercises, but let's keep that positive vibe going with a light hearted doodle event in August. Fun prizes, good attitudes and just some good all round fun! :D

We will have one prompt per week for a total of four weeks. We're starting on August 1st.

Weekly prompts start dates:​
  • Week 1: August 1st​
  • Week 2: August 8th​
  • Week 3: August 15th​
  • Week 4: August 22nd

    If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below.
    More information will follow soon, but for now... Welcome to FFF's Drawgust.​
I can’t fix my poor drawing abilities, but I can fix the colour to make it clearer! I wasn't happy with the scans.

I went over Timber Maniacs Magazine: Post-release party at Wall Market! with digital colour.

It's still not super clear, but extra points for spotting all of the references to issue 3. :argor:

Wall Market0008 - Colourised.png

Next I’ll work on the current Vivi prompt. I have an idea…

I’ll try to get better at stuff. :P

Send noods. I mean... noodles. Wait no, I mean art! (Seriously, you can donate noodles to me, I won't be mad) The last prompt for Drawgust is Final Fantasy inspired foods! Kupo Nut Cake, Chocobo Eggs, Cloud's noodle arms? Wait... Wouldn't that make you a cannibal? Behave yourself.

Prompt 4 is active until August 28th. You can submit unlimited art as long as the prompt itself is active.

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I'll be adding all the new art to our instagram story shortly! Lovely drawings, everyone. :D
Thank you everyone for the amazing entries and effort put into this event. It had a great turn-out and social media looked brighter because of it too. The rewards have since been handed out, but I hope to do more of these a bit more frequently if people are up for it. :D

Again, thank you very much for the great turn out!