FFF Drawgust 2019


Originally prompted to show a little gratitude towards our artists posting daily sketch exercises, but let's keep that positive vibe going with a light hearted doodle event in August. Fun prizes, good attitudes and just some good all round fun! :D

We will have one prompt per week for a total of four weeks. We're starting on August 1st.

Weekly prompts start dates:​
  • Week 1: August 1st​
  • Week 2: August 8th​
  • Week 3: August 15th​
  • Week 4: August 22nd

    If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below.
    More information will follow soon, but for now... Welcome to FFF's Drawgust.​
I'm still currently playing about with my ProMarkers for my Shenmue III drawing, but I'll be sure to get involved straight afters!:

Drawgust has officially started. The prompt for this week (running August 1st through 7th) is Materia. Summons count too, of course! Note that while there is only one prompt per week, you can submit unlimited art as long as the prompt itself is active. Prompt 1 is active until August 7th! Let's mosey!

Post your artwork on instagram or in this thread (on Insta tag @finalfantasyforums and use the hashtag #drawgustFFF to have a chance at getting your artwork featured)

Prepare for some goodies as a thank you for participating! 😉

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I'm still working on mine, but here is my sketchpad version :):

Yes! Moogles are returning to FF8! & this little straggler was caught rummaging arounc Trabia Garden! He then lives in the main characters pouch in his dungarees :P

I'm currently working on a version in A3 with my PROMARKERS but i've already messed up the colouring:

He's more tanned than light pink - I didn't have a light pinbk tone and tried my best. Also still struggling to colour in massive areas, but I'll work on it more tonights :)
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Definitely taking it along in the competition, cause I'm a little late posting here! :lew:


This guy are sick. No, seriously. Have you read the article in our very own Timber Maniacs Magazine? Shameless plug, I mean.. but really, though! How cool would a noodle arm Cloud Strife be as a drawing? I know, right? So this week's prompt is Timber Maniacs Magazine. It might seem overwhelming but it can be anything inspired by the content in our magazine! Irvine, Odin... Lindblum... Mocking the Timber Maniacs design team... What? I'm not suggesting anything.

Prompt #2 will be active from August 8th until August 14th! Post your artwork on instagram or on the forums, tag @ finalfantasyforums and use the hashtag #drawgustFFF to have a chance at getting your artwork featured.​
It's a shame I couldn't draw anything in the first round, but now here I am!!!

To be honest I didn't have any idea what to draw until I read Mogliv's post about the Issue 3 feedback. It inspired this drawing about the daily life of poor Mogliv since the release of Issue 3. :,D

The amazing newspaper hawker script was written by @Paddy McGee. Thank you for your help again, your funny, clickbait senteces made this drawing perfect. :D

Sorry for my not-too-nice handwriting, if anybody has problems with reading the text, feel free to tell me and I will change it to typed text!!!

Theme: Timber Maniacs Magazine

Post-release party at Wall Market!
I had severe difficulty with this. Not only drawing it but also attempting to take a photograph of it or scan it. Neither of them really work but here they are. Merge the two and it'll look better...

Wall Market 4 clearer.jpg

Wall Market0008.jpg

I might have to edit my post and reupload some other day but if I wait any longer I'll miss the deadline. :sad2:
Okays, I managed to finish my Pocket-Mog drawing this week!:

Here it is on my desk, it's A3 Sized - I bought tons of A3 Card from Hobby Craft when on Sale :P I had issues in getting the correct colour grading when scanning but I think I've about managed it:

Had fun doing it, despite many wrong turns it turned out okay :)

Dracarys! ...wait.

This week's theme is Vivi! That's right, this little fellow in the promo image right above the text you're currently reading. How cool is that dude?

Remember, while there is only one prompt per week, you can submit unlimited art as long as the prompt itself is active. Prompt 3 is active until August 21st. Bring it crayON! I'll get my coat.

All of the images above are (or already have been) featured on the Final Fantasy Forum’s Instagram. (http://instagram.com/finalfantasyforums/)​