FFX-2 Favourite dress sphere?

Best Dressphere

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My fav Dressphere is definately Yuna's special dressphere, it is so cool, and it's attacks all look cool, and it has the Floral fallal ability which is just bitching and king of all pwnage
dark knight, white mage (life saver ;p), Alchemist, Samurai were my favorites! :)

out of the three special dress sphere's: yuna and paines were my fav. im sorry but rikku's was horrible.. beacause she didnt have the best moves, etc.
idk there is somthing that i dislike bout that dress sphere..
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Dark knight, just for the fact that you could attack many foes at once using darkness.
I thought I'd revive this one for Final Fantasy X-2 week! Tell us about your favourite dress-sphere.

Which do you prefer aesthetically? Why?
Which do you prefer practically? Why?

If you like, you can specify which you prefer for each character - you don't have to have a general preference. :)

I personally prefer the Gunner and Songstress for Yuna aesthetically speaking. :hmmm: Both are very well designed and the colours in each outfit are well balanced against her hair, earring and braid. :hmmm: The Gun Mage is a rather elegant outfit too! :grin: Practically, the Songstress isn't that useful, so I'd have to pick the Gunner for Yuna - her attacks are reasonably powerful. :)

Aesthetically, Rikku looks best in the Thief outfit, although the White Mage dress-sphere suits her reasonably well too! :) I absolutely hate her Songstress uniform. :hmph: Practically speaking, the Thief isn't all that powerful, but she's swift. Consequently, Rikku fares better as a Warrior when she's the last standing, but combined with Yuna (Gunner) and Paine (Warrior), her speed is very useful. It certainly helps one build up combo attacks! :grin:

Paine, with her rather edgy haircut, her stark red eyes, dark lips and gothic persona, will always look best as a Warrior. :lew: The softer more elegant outfits look incredibly clumsy on her. :lew: The Warrior is also one of the more powerful dress-spheres, so I've never had any qualms with keeping her as a Warrior unless absolutely necessary. :)
My favorite dresspheres, aesthetically, would be: the Songstress for Yuna, the Black Mage for all three girls (I think they look badass in them), and Lady Luck for all three. In terms of battle: definitely the Dark Knight. It has some of my favorite moves in the game like: Black Sky, Darkness, Demi, etc. It also has awesome defense moves like different proofs: stoneproof, poisonproof, curseproof, death proof, etc. It also looks really, really badass. Overall it's my favorite dressphere.
Oddly enough I really like Yuna's Gunner dressphere. It's close enough to her original outfit while reflecting her changes in attitude and lifestyle.