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  • Yer the Iron Man movies were brilliant, I preferred the first over the second (story wise). Well that sig is awesome, surprised you haven't had many visitor messages considering you have a massive post count.
    Well I never knew there was someone with the name nor the awesome sig to match of Iron Man. I gather you loved the new Avengers movie!, he played an awesome role in that movie, saw it IMAX at release :)
    Haha it's ok :lew: I don't really do zombies, I'm rubbish xD
    I'm actually off away for a week tomorrow so hopefully I might catch you later!
    Ahhh fair play. I should play something else... all I play is cod :wacky:
    Awesome, I might catch you then. Got some packing to do but I have an (almost) free evening so I will be online.
    You :mokken:
    It's been a long time since I had a game of cod with you man :sad3: where've you beeeeeen
    Just a friendly reminder. Posting in the Gallery isn't aloud unless the person's posting in their own thread . :wacky:

    [Oh, and you may not know who I am but, yaay I got first visitor message~ :lew:]
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