FFX-2 Favourite dress sphere?

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Dark Knight. Great abilities for muscling your way through tough opponents, and the stats are great as well.
Absolutely Dark Knight. The design is awesome (the girls look so hardcore in their dark armor xD), and the attacks+stat bonuses are SUPER useful.
I always liked Trainer. It was fun just to play around with and had some useful abilities. For damage, I loved Samurai and Dark Knight.
Paine and Yuna as Dark Knights and Rikku as an Alchemist. Just spam Darkness with the Paine and Yuna and Rikku spam mega potion. It was pretty cheap but very effective nonetheless.
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I never acquired the Mascot dressphere. I still to this day do not know how to get it. =/.

It was the only one I never gotten ahold of in X-2, I heard it was a pretty good dressphere too. =(. And with the Gun Mage, I still've not gotten all the blue mage abilities. So, those 2 are def. not on my top favorite list.
Gunner is my favorite, I am a trigger happy freak hehe.... Plus the suits for Rikku/Yuna/Paine were awesome in Gunner. But mostly liked it 'cause of trigger happy!
I liked almost all of them, but I voted for the warrior mainly because I thought it was pretty cool how Yuna used Brotherhood and fought like Tidus.
The Gunner was awesome when you used the Catnip accessory (I think it was called catnip, when your HP was critical all hits did 9999 damage :D) along with trigger happy :awesome:
I've always used the dark knight as Paine, beserker as Rikku, and the samurai as Yuna. I've never really bothered with the other ones, I prefer strength rather than black magic, white magic, etc. The one dressphere I tried so hard to get was the mascot! Ugh, I always have troubles with the publicity thing, so I can never get an episode complete for the Calm Lands.
Dark Knight. It whooped butt. Wasn't sexy or anything like that.. it just pummeled enemies to the ground. ;3

I liked getting battles over with as quickly as possible. Dark Knight made that possible. ;))
Mascot = Amazing
It's amazingly strong to use in a new game+ And the scene when they receive them is so funny.

You automatically receive the mascot dressphere for completing a mission in every part of Spira.
I absolutely LOVE the Dark Knight dressphere. I love the Darkness command, and how strong the dressphere is all round. And of course I love how Yuna uses Tidus' Caladbolg and Rikku wields Auron's Masamune.

But I also voted for Gunner because I like the Trigger Happy command, especially when the gunner is equipped with Cat Nip. Sweet.

I never acquired the Mascot dressphere. I still to this day do not know how to get it. =/

You have to get Episode Complete in every area (no Episode Concluded). I'm about to get it soon so I can't wait to see how good it is.
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I loved Yuna's default Gunner. I used it the most, so I guess I just got attached to it. Also, I liked to use the Trigger Happy command for some reason.....
LADY LUCK LADY LUCK LADY LUCK!!!!! It took them forever to make a decent gambler class, sorry Cait Sith, but they finally did it.This class made x2 one of my favorite FFs becuase of this awesome dressphere! Especially with the slot trick, gillionaire, double xp, double items. My girls were level 99 and disgustingly rich before chapter 2.

Songstress comes at a close second since bards/dancers are awesome.
Floral Fallal was my favorite girl specific sphere because a giant flower that blows things up is pretty much the coolest thing ever.
Dark Knight, Because in new game + i always end up using the Dark Knight for easy take outs :)
although ladyluck works well with catnip :/
My favorite is the Dark Knight. I like the look, and the Dark Wave ability = cheap win. My second favorite is the Gunner, except when my hand gives out from Trigger Happy.
I think I'll have to agree with everyone else and say that Dark Knight was my favorite. I simply loved the dark and death involvment of this dressphere. And Dark Wave (I think that was the name of it) was simply amazing. I won a lot of battles with the help of that attack. :D Great way to go leveling too, should you need to power level anyway.. rather simple game afterall. :)
hahahaha, you have no idea how many times i used Floral Fallal on those stupid high hp bosses. :c but ya, its the best dressphere for me.
Second.. Full Throttle; sword dance (?) *-*
And i also like the gunner dress sphere, youknow.. trigger happy and catnip.
My favorite of all time is Songstress outfit.

Mod edit: Could you elaborate, and tell us why you like this dressphere? Thank you.
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