FFX-2 Favourite dress sphere?

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I'm sure I just spammed the Dark Knight's special command and used White Mages to compensate for the loss of HP. Aside from that, I used the Gunner and a powered-up Trigger Happy, for the most part.
in the Poll i, voted DARK KNIGHT. The costume design were perfect for them.
but individually, i like their corresponding default dressphere. :)
It's got'sta be the Samurai for me they were pretty powerful and along with there speed you could deal a fair bit of damage, plus i liked the look of the swords

Then ranked second tis the Dark Knight they were nearly Samurai's only a bit slower and pretty stronger.
I liked the Dark Knight and the Berserker Dresspheres. I think that they are the most useful ones in the game. I think that you should have at least one of these in your team once you have them. I think that you should have a White Mage for backup too, but that's optional...

As for who to wear what...I think that Yuna- White Mage, Rikku- Dark Knight and Paine- Berserker
I have a few favorites:

Warrior: I had Rikku and Paine as Warriors for the first part of the game, I mainly just liked the Warrior for the Power/Armor break and Hp/Strength

White Mage: Was kinda essential, for the most part of the game I kept Yuna as a White Mage.

Dark Knight: Once I got this I switched Rikku and Paine to this job for the majority of the game. I would very rarely switch them back to Warriors for their breaks though. Darkness came in handy, as did the various status defences.

Alchemist: Probably the most useful of the bunch. Unlimited Mega-Potions = soooooo much win. Plus the whole decrease-item-casting-time-by-80% thing :wacky:

Gunner: I only ever used this if I wanted to be a cheap bastard and I had Cat nip equiped. Trigger Happy with Cat nip is so, so cheap :wacky:

I would say my favorite would be Dark Knight. Once i got it i had my paine as one pretty much the entire time.
I alsot liked chemist. That is what my yuna was, and then i also gave her the item that let her use white magic. She was my healer surpreme =)
well I liked how the warrior dress sphere looked on Rikku and warrior was my favorite for everyone.
It's been awhile since I played X-2, but I'm pretty sure these were my favorites-

Gunner: Main reason I liked it honestly was that I loved shooting the crap out of stuff xD The more obvious reason is that gunner+catnip= invincible!

Dark Knight: This one came with a lot of powerful attacks. It made HP go up a lot as well, if I remember correctly, so I used it in almost all of the major boss battles.

Alchemist: With it's free mega potions and elixirs, this dressphere saved my arse a ton in battles, especially the insanely hard one in the desert. I almost always had Rikku equipped as this.

And last but non the least.... Songstress! :monster: In all honesty, this one was pretty worthless, but I did have fun killing really weak fiends with "the power of song" xD.
My favorite Dressphere to play with was the lady luck dress sphere... It was very original and the randomness of it was always fun. Many of time I had some good moments playing with that dress sphere then I messed up on the slot machine thing and it totally messed up the whole battle :p....

Other than that I like most of the special uber powered dress spheres... All in all though, the whole dress sphere thing wasn't that great I don't think but it was fun while it lasted I geuss :p
to beat the final battle i used the besersker cause it just kicked but w/ the double life and auto-haste, then i had the alchemist for healing and the third was usually a utility, most of the time it was what ever sphere still needed exp
Dark Knight was definately my favorite. That and samurai. But samurai was slow as hell and that was the only downside. Dark Knight actually had speed to it :D
My favourite dressphere would definitley be the Trainer dressphere, I loved the way that you could get animals to do all of the dirty work xD
Paine' healing abilities as a trainer were good too but most of all I liked how they gave Yuna Daigoro.
I'd have to say my over all favorite was, The Samurai , The attacks, the Clothes. It was cause the Samurai costumes for Rikku and Yuna were awesome! and It was like having Auron In FFX-2.
At the moment I'm loving the Lady Luck Dressphere- that double EXP thing is just so handy. All three of my girls are almost 100% with their Lady Lucks now. They are all also 100% with Dark Knight and Warrior Dresspheres, but I need to work on them a bit more to make them have some different abilities because at the moment they're all the same
i voted dark knight as i like the design, the attacks ect

however i do quite like lady luck, simply as the passive abilities it has allows faster leveling up and money gaining
Well. I love the Gunner dressphere, just because twin guns amuses me in Trigger Happy.

Lady Luck because the Double EXP helps ALOT. Also, it's fun not to know what's going to happen next.

I also love the Songstress... Its dances are a hell of help. (Like when battling Trema for example)
I can't really say I have a fave for sure, cuz they are all so amazing. Though I don't really like the songstress. I found it kinda pointless.