I will update this ASAP but I figured I should say here that Carrie is definitely dead.

Don't waste any effort trying to think up any moves now as she is deceased.

I shall reveal what happened within the coming days!
Turn 5: The End

Carrie the Coeurl round 5.1.png

Carrie the Coeurl round 5.2.png

Carrie the Coeurl round 5.3.png

Carrie the Coeurl round 5.4.png

  • Carrie fights furiously as Sly tries to give her some medicine for all her bumps and bruises. Sly eventually believes he has succeeded, however Carrie actually just spit it out when Sly wasn't looking. Carrie doesn't feel better at all, and now has a nasty taste in her mouth. (sly ) = -4
  • Florida Man is at Barnard Castle for some reason. But this isn't the alligator Florida Man in the news. This one is a different Florida Man and he's married to a flamingo. Somehow he's managed to bring his flamingo wife over to the UK without authorities stopping him and he's chosen to have a honeymoon here in Barnard Castle. Said flamingo sees Carrie and instantly suspects our poor kitty of trying to make a move on Florida Man. (Linnaete ) = -3
  • a stick floating in the air smacks Carrie with itself, declaring "THIS IS A STICKY SITUATION, FAM. SURREAL, BRUV. " Whilst his fellow sticks ( of which there are 3 and whom are clothed in burberry caps) shout from the side "INNIT BRUUUUUUUUV. SWEAR DOWN, WE DA STICKMEN INNIT, FROM LANNNNNNNNNDONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN N U GOT BARE STICK-HIT BRUV" (Paddy McGee ) = -3
  • Carrie covers her ears at the incomprehensible language assaulting her ears, and gets a headache as a result. (Soulcorruptor ) = -5

And then… The killing blow:

  • Carrie is browsing the forums when she gets a sudden leg cramp.She falls to the floor in pain and is hit on the head with her sexy Cloud action figure. (DaggerTribal ) = -4
Carrie the Coeurl round 5.5.png

Carrie the Coeurl is BUSTED!

Total HP = 0

Carrie the Coeurl is dead!

Too bad the nine lives thing is a myth!

But Espurr has humiliated her corpse by his posthumous move (not counting towards the score):
  • Shaves the fur off Carrie and shows her the results in a mirror.
Carrie the Coeurl round 5.6.png


1st place - 5 BWP (and CT and GP) = DaggerTribal
2nd place – 3 BWP (and CT) = Soulcorruptor
3rd place – 2 BWP (and CT) = Paddy McGee

I also said that the person who deals the most damage to Carrie the Coeurl in the game shall get an extra award. After working this out it turns out that Paddy McGee dealt the most damage! He shall gain 4 BWP.

Here is the list of damage dealt:

All participants gain 1 BWP + CT for general participation.

Thank you all for participating in this year's monster slaying competition!

Feel free to mourn (or gloat) the untimely death of Carrie the Coeurl here as this thread shall now become a memorial.


look at this horrific display of cruelty. Psychopaths, some of you.
I'm mortified that Carrie died this way... but at the same time daaaayum gurl, that's one fine sexy Cloud figure! That should be made into a trophy!