1. J

    Possible Bug? Need help.

    I have been playing FFVII for steam on and off for about a month now. After a full month of no problems, I encountered what seems to be a bug today. These problems all presented appeared on the same day: -have to make one or two unsuccessful attempts before save file will load -controller...
  2. Dionysos

    Midgar as a pizza.

    Anyone familiar with FFVII should remember that Midgar's plate is compared to a pizza. The Midgar citizens suffering in the slums in the shadow of the plate are heard to joke that they are living "underneath the rotting pizza". The metaphor makes sense. Midgar is round and divided into pizza...
  3. Dionysos

    'The Nibelheim Incident' by M.J. Gallagher – free eBook available now!

    The Nibelheim Incident is a fan-written Final Fantasy VII novella by Scottish author M.J. Gallagher. Accompanied with captivating illustrations by Crimson Sun and a stunning cover by AJ Hateley, the story of arguably the most important scene in the Final Fantasy franchise is creatively retold...
  4. K

    Small but sweet VII Discord invite

    https://discord.gg/5jQv8hY A small little server for fans of all games, but especially VII to come together and bond over their love of this wonderful game in the series. There are chat rooms for VII tips, character discussions, OCs, roleplaying, and separate chats for the other games! It's a...
  5. S

    What does Advent Children mean to you?

    Hello all! Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has been my favorite movie ever since it came out, and for the past few years, I’ve been studying it to find out why I like it so much. This has included examining similar CGI movies to see why nothing has quite reached its caliber. I recently...
  6. @

    Final Fantasy VII - Podcast Tribute Episode from Arcade Attack

    Hi Guys, Please enjoy Arcade Attack's special 6th podcast episode that pays huge tribute to possibly the best game ever made - Final Fantasy 7: http://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/podcast-march-1-2017/ Hopefully we have done the game the justice it deserves. Kindest regards, Adrian
  7. cmarabate

    "Who was in your party?" FFVII Shirt Designs

    Here are is small selection my Final Fantasy VII "Who was in your party?" shirt designs. I literally made 2 versions of each party combination. My personal favorite party combination was Cloud, Cid, and Vincent. Who was in your party?
  8. rowe

    [SU/Info/D] Final Fantasy VII: The Cosmic Whispers

    Premise / Prologue Connecting to server...... Connected. Retrieving file(s)...... Analyzing file(s)...... Scanning for corrupted file(s)...... No corrupted file(s) detected. Scanning for incomplete file(s)...... No incomplete file(s) detected. 1 file loaded successfully. Recording Date: [ μ...
  9. rowe

    [IC] Final Fantasy VII role play/story.

    The story/premise has been long since written and good to go - for like, nearly 12 years. :lew: (Created it with my cousin when I was a younger lad.) I've recently made adjustments to it, though, and made it more "modern to the times" - but, if anyone is willing, a co-collaborator-of-sorts is...
  10. vetaia

    Final Fantasy VII: Wish Upon A Meteorite (Post-Game RP)

    It is ten years after the defeat of Sephiroth -- or that was the way it supposed to end. When Cloud Strife struck the final blow intended to destroy the man once and for all, his true agenda came to fruition: Sephiroth had intended from the very beginning to be killed and sent back into the...
  11. S

    Help Limit Breaks - ??

    I earned the first two limit breaks in Clouds Level 1 set, but now that I've set his limit to Blade Beam, can I never use Braver or Cross Slash again? Is it like that for every level up in limit breaks??
  12. MakoMod

    WIP of my 'fanart' (FFVII)

    Hi everyone! I'm just finishing my 'fan art' project, and I want to get some feedback from real FF fans. Please let me know what do you think :) Thanks, and sorry for my english!
  13. F

    FFVII Revised Script

    Hi, I'm a college student double majoring in 4d studio art (film) and cinema studies as well as taking fiction writing and screenplay courses. So like most of you I have also been obsessed with wanting Square Enix to remake this amazing game. Since that doesn't seem as likely as we all...
  14. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged

    PLEASE NOTE: We realize that the SonsOfSatire had already started their version called "Final Fantasy VII: The Abridged Series." Their series, however, has not updated since July of 2010 with no sign of continuing. As such, we believe a video game so greatly renowned deserves to be finished...
  15. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Episode 9 - "Homeward Cloud"

    Guess what's up on our YouTube channel and rarin' ta go! Want to see our previous episodes? Sure, here you go! As always, please be sure to click the Like and Subscribe buttons if you enjoyed our video. It helps us know that we're doing well and that you guys want us to continue. The Final...
  16. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Blooper Reel!

    A collection of unused voice clips that demonstrate how our LUCK is not our highest stat here at Final Fantasy VII: Abridged... As always, if you found this video (or any of our videos) enjoyable, please be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Final Fantasy is owned by Square-Enix and Hironobu...
  17. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged Valentine's Day Special! (Speed Dating)

    Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! Hope you guys enjoy our special! Make sure to like and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy our videos! That way, we know to keep making 'em! Thanks for watching!
  18. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Episode 6- "Get Off Of My Cloud"

    Episode 6 is rarin' to go! If you like this, please show it by "Liking" it. Also, support the official release, as this would not be possible without SquarEnix or Sony. All rights reserved, fan-based parody, and what not. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBt9NnoluKc&feature=plcp
  19. Strekks

    Dirge of Cerberus Dirge of Cerberus: Thoughts on Nero?

    I always liked Nero as an antagonist in Dirge of Cerberus, but throughout communities, they never played the game because of the fact it was a shooter, so they didn't really pass a comment on Nero for they didn't know him. Granted, when they saw his design, they really wanted to check out DoC...