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Aug 21, 2013
Premise / Prologue

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Recording Date: [ μ ] - εγλ 1987 | Oct. 19


[Male 1] "Is this thing on? Shi-" (moment of static) "That's gonna have to work, boss. Go ahead."

[Female 1] (moment of silence) "Okay." (mic rustling) "The Cosmic Whispers here in Wutai, searching for data -"

[Male 2] (from background) "Nothin' for signatures yet."

[Female 1] "We're looking for unique energy signatures relating to the Lifestream, in order to further understand it."

[Male 1] (from background) "And watching out for those ShinRa bastards."

[Female 1] "That too." (moment of silence) "Anyway, the specific data we require may also allow us more insight into the Cetra."

[Female 2] (from background) "Just like you, boss. You're an odd one."

[Female 1] "And I may not be the only one. Current data suggests there could be another out there." (away from mic, from background) "The others should be back by now."

[Male 1] (from background) "Nothin' on the comms for a while now, boss."

[Female 2] (from background) "Want us to take a look?"

[Female 1] (from background) "Just you two. Hurry back, though."

(moment of interference, extended silence)

[Male 2] (from background, staticky) "We've been hit with an EMP! Everything's rebooting."

[Male 3] (from background; on comms, staticky) "Someone report! Now!"

[Female 1] (near mic; on comms, staticky) "Anyone, report?" (silence)

[Male 1] (from background; over comms, staticky) "Yeah, we're here! We got a bunch of ShinRa closing in. Taking on a few bullets!"

[Female 1] (near mic; on comms, staticky) "We're on our way! Stay in cover!"

[Male 3] (from background, staticky) "Let's move!"

(extended interference)


Rules & Notes

General Rules
  • General role playing rules apply.
  • Avoid godmodding, power playing, metagaming, and anything similar.
  • Use common sense.
  • Please keep any posts to at least one solid paragraph in length.

Other Notes
  • The story begins from the end of the recording in the premise/prologue.
  • You're more than welcome to expand upon the world, such as adding areas/regions, cities/towns, NPCs, etc. (All within reason, of course.)
  • Please let me know if you have ideas, suggestions, and so on. I'm all ears as far as input.
  • Feel free to view/use the FFVII timeline (and/or Wikia) for whatever needs may fit this story.

Character Creation

General Character Creation Guidelines
  • Participants may have as many primary characters as they can handle. (And please handle the load they come with.)
  • Characters need not be "fighter-types". It is optional. (For example: a character can solely be a political figure, and still affect events.)
    • "Fighter-type" or not, be sure they're not overly powerful in their respective abilities. (I'll contact you if I think they are.)
  • Original characters are encouraged.
  • If you use or tie in a character from the FFVII series, please make sure the information is as accurate as possible.

Basic Character Profile Guidelines
  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race: Most will be Human. Other races include Red XIII's race, and Cetra. (Both will be limited, but more so with the latter.)
  • Appearance & Physique: More detail is better.
  • Occupation
  • Initial Allegiance: ShinRa, neutral, Cosmic Whispers, etc. (Feel free to add others.)
    • Character slots for The Cosmic Whispers will be initially limited, and may open up as the story progresses.
  • History & Bio
Optional/Additional "Fighter-Type" Profile Fields
  • Preferred Weaponry
  • Initial Materia: No summons or high-level materia.
Current Characters

The Cosmic Whispers
  • Leader & Co-Founder Lienna Sinclair: reserved for Rowe
  • open co-founder character slot
    [*]open character slot
    [*]open character slot
    [*]open character slot

  • Nicholas Estellis: reserved for Rowe
May i?

Name: Gyna Roscoe
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Affiliation: Cosmo Whispers Technician
Personality: Shy and technologically minded this girl is a whizz with anything that has circuitry, BUT, she has no idea how to handle social situations, often hiding behind her friends for aid and protection from such things.

Gyna is short for her age, at 18 years old she is little taller than a 14 year old. Her medium length hair is chestnut brown and kept tied up with a red bandana. her padded armor kept strong with small metal plates on her shoulders and chest. her pouch is where she stores all of her tools and materia.

History: Gyna is one of two twins, Her sister was a member of avalnche and now lies dead along with many of her fellow resistance fighters, at the time Gyna was still training but if she had passed first time like her sister she too may have been killed in the collapse. Now she is a member of the cosmo whispers, filling much the same role her sister had with barrets team. She secretly hopes that she can surpass her sister, in more than just still being alive.

Fighter Additions:
Preferred Weaponry: Large Wrench
Starting Materia: Manip. and Thunder
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