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  • Ah, when I spoke to Kevin about it I was led to believe Phoenix was a malevolent force that needed to be kept in check, or is it more Phoenix has skewed world views that give off that impression?
    Ah, that works too. Just since i'm also planning on Tsuki having a natural affinity for the characters with a 'dark side' so to speak, since he can relate in that fashion, as well as stopping him being so anti social xD
    Well I was wondering if you planned on her having any difficulties with Phoenix, such as being taken over by it. That in turn leading to her having to be stopped, was also thinking of how to turn it in a way so her and Tsuki can have some excuses to interact with each other too.
    Yes, you can take any one of the two missions available, and you can also explore the base and take part in the Arena as well.
    Gosh yea I still haven't beat the game yet. >.< I only got it recently cause I finished P4 and the Devil Survivor games. Atlas games are amazing. :lew:

    Yea I saw the pistol. It's fiiine. People have been making all kinds of powerful weapons. Hopefully there's no need for them to use those weapons on anyone but NPCs. :hmmm:
    Thanks. Persona 3 is one of my favorites. xD It's where I recognized your character theme was from.
    I'm getting all my info on Rising just from watching an LP, and my history is just from my uncanny knowledge on history.
    I know, everybody posted in Gundam at this point and are all waiting on me. I'll try to get that one up ASAP before I go back to SFR.
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