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  • i missed the tekken tourney today! i was working later than i expected so i couldnt make it. hopefully we can get a few of us together and have a brawl some time soon even if its unofficial, i have to get my honour back
    I'm sleepy, though i cannot sleep because my cat keeps on banging on my door


    what about you ?
    I hope your real life working conditions improve. I've been there and all I can say is that I hope it gets better.
    I'll give it a watch. I have never made any reviews or anything like that. I've written a walkthrough before, but that's about it.
    That's awesome that you're doing a video review! Are you doing it as the game as a whole or a specific point like story or gameplay?
    Hey Green, hope everything's alright. I read you had a rough few days, so I hope you feel better soon. If you need a chat, let me know. You know where to find me. =]
    A man of good taste i can telll.
    My bloody screensaver excites me. Then i get depressed when i realise i will never even get to meet her ;_;
    Yeah, I get the feeling you're right. I really enjoyed the story for the 1st one, so I'll pick up DR2. :3 I'll probably get so engrossed with the story that I'll miss my stop on the bus! xD

    And that sounds like a threat, Lil' Sprout. :ahmed: Challenge accepted!
    Ohh, actually my dad said he would be mailing it out to me over the weekend, so I'll actually be able to play with you guys! :3

    But I'm still stuck on which game to get... >.>; HEEEEELP :rage:
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