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  • Yeah, the activity has decreased a fair bit, then again we're also in holiday months. I've been here for a few years and activity definitely isn't what it used to be, but that goes for a lot of forums I've visited. It's kinda like this though with new members, they stick around and activity picks up again. We have our waves. :lew:

    Awesome, can't wait. I'm working on a few threads myself as well. I kinda want to make a tutorial thread and perhaps my own behind the scenes thread as well, because I keep hogging that thread up lately... :lew:
    Thank you. :lew: It's taken me a long time to get where I am now, as well. Actually, it wasn't until recently that I was actually satisfied with my graphic design and I've been doing this since 2008... Everyone is their own worst critic, though, but I think I doubled up on that. A few of the most recent pieces I was actually quite happy with... It gives me such a stuck up feeling, though, and I'm not, but saying "Oh I like this piece I created" sounds as though I'm full of myself. :lew:

    That's fine! If you navigate over to the Luca section and from there on the Artist Cafe you have a whole section for original art, etc. I assume it's drawings and stuff (digitally) that would go there. Graphic work like Signatures goes under the Graphics Reverie. All this time I had been assuming you made signatures too, was I wrong? :lew:

    How are you liking it around here? =]
    Yes, that's why I always use. :lew: I meant that since I've gotten Photoshop CC I've gotten lazy. It doesn't help that I have a new computer now, all the good fonts are on the laptop. I need to schedule in a resource section, but... effort. :gonk:

    I really don't like how Photoshop CC works with the fonts though, is what I meant. There seems to be a billion fonts implemented, and they all look the same. :brooding: That says a lot coming from someone who loves fonts.

    You should definitely make a thread with your work. :D
    Heya! I just wanted to let you know that if you're interested in joining the Signature of the Week competition, we'll be re-launching on January 3rd. It would be nice to see a new member at work with their Graphics art. If you have any questions regarding the Spira (creative section that has SOTW in there as well) linky, shoot me a message. ;)
    I've kinda only made the script so far. I need to change the order of things on there too which is turning out tricky with such a varied game (is varied the word I'm looking for? Ha). Either way, there's an FF9 review on my channel if you're interested. I think it'll turn out similar to that:
    It's not that professional or anything, but it's fun to do :).
    I'll be doing it of the game as a whole. It's supposed to be for the HD version off Steam, but it'll just be about the game in general mostly :).
    That's awesome! Rivendale is the kind of fantasy landscape I dig for. Also inspired with Final Fantasy theme, particularly the world of Gaia (FF9).

    And good luck with the P.O.S.T competition! So far I've only acquired 1 post towards the event (a lot of my posts are staff-related, which doesn't count).
    Nonsense. xD Can't wait to see them.

    I also have a couple digital art projects on the work, mostly fantasy landscape. One is done, but I wanna go back and apply finishing touches (even though I've already done that a few times). I actually prefer traditional art, but I love the versatility of digital world too.
    I'd love to see some of your graphics work sometime if you have anything to show. Got a portfolio by any chance?
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