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  • Ehhh i can't give you a confident yes on that. I'd say if you like dark fantasy its worth a shot, but you might miss a lot of finer points from the story. Most of its pretty simple because at its root its about a family trying to survive another house's attempted takeover of their lands, but you could miss quite a bit if you don't have a basic knowledge of the show.
    It's pretty good! I'm a massive fan of the show and books so its a cool little thing to do. I've tried some of the other telltale games and wasn't really crazy about them but I'm enjoying this one, probably because there's plenty of twists and it seems like they really nailed the atmosphere.

    It will all be okay. Keep your head up and try to make the best of it. All you can do is be strong and be there for your mom and dad, and support them if they may need it. You had both of them with you during Christmas. Forgive the snappy attitudes, and focus on the positive; they were there.

    Don't drive yourself crazy thinking you could've, should've, would've done more. What's important is your true worry that shows for both your parents.

    A crappy Christmas isn't the worst, or the last thing happening, you can make up for it in the upcoming year. Much better than just one day. You'll get through this.

    Don't hesitate to send me something if you want to chat. X
    Pfft :rofl:

    "Whats left now, Sprout? We be two immortals locked in combat 'till Judgement day... Then what?"
    Hahah thank you! I've caught a bit of your work as well and it seems very good. I'll definitely be checking out your Lost Odyssey LP soon as I'm very interested in the game :)
    I don't know how to be bored anymore XD

    Every time I try I end up writing an article or programming :lew:
    Haha yeah, I kind of know what you mean. When things get crazy sometimes being bored doesn't sound so bad :P
    Hmm I hadn't thought of it like that before but that's true, and not a bad idea :)

    How're things on your end?
    I actually liked Windows 8, but after using Windows 10 for a while even I don't want to go back. It's quite nice IMO. Plus getting to chat with Cortana is fun :lew:

    Yeah, I had a small growth on my colon that had to be removed. Not cancerous, thankfully, but it was causing a heap of problems. Life is pretty much back to normal now but I still have mild pain from time to time and have to watch my diet. Worst part is trying to re-gain all the weight and muscle I lost from being sick and inactive so long. A couple years ago I hit 180 I can barely do 40 :P

    Hopefully that wasn't TMI haha, thanks for asking :)
    Haha it's fine, ask away, I really don't mind :)

    And no, you won't lose anything. Any file the Windows 10 update touches will be backed up to C:\Windows.old\ during the installation. Everything else will be left as-is. External backups aren't a bad idea, but I'd only do that for the really important stuff--no point in taking too much time on it since chances are extremely low anything at all will be lost.
    Nope, transition from Windows 8 was incredibly smooth for me. Not only did it keep all of my applications, but it kept all of their settings and even my taskbar icons and other small details. Didn't keep my live tiles, but it's pretty easy to drag them back into position. And Windows 10 actually has a lot more options for arranging live tiles anyway, so I ended up going with a different setup than before.

    If your Hauppauge works on Windows 8 I'd be 99.9% confident it will work in Windows 10.
    Perfectly understandable, and actually the answers are pretty simple:

    1) Much more of a desktop focus than Windows 8. By default the start menu is just a menu (similar to Windows 7), and all apps run on the desktop in a window now. It can be customized to be more like Windows 8 or set to switch between tablet mode and desktop mode if you have a touchscreen, but pretty much all the big features from Windows 8 are optional now if not removed or replaced altogether. And on the other hand it does have things Windows 8 should have from day 1, like a proper notifications center that works with both new and old style apps.

    2) Very backwards-compatible. Just for grins I just tried running Jedi Knight (the 1997 game) and it worked fine. Only catch is that some older CPUs are no longer supported, but as far as software goes it has great legacy support.

    Hope that helps :)
    I'm very giving with my reps. I just think it's a nice way of showing someone you appreciated something, really. Even if the message is small. =]
    Thanks for the rep message, Green. =] It's good to know things like that are appreciated.
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