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  • Kira dislikes the green, but it makes me think of Christmas. Also pine scent air fresheners.
    I see it like this even in the Netherlands there is crime and what not. Dealing is major here hell I work for the Police so I know what Im talking about not as heavy as in USA but people got shot here as well. I was lucky to never have experienced that because I distanced myself from that shit.

    You guys suddenly think I dont know what the streets are about. Hell I know enough.

    Europe has a lot of criminals man. Hooligans, human traffic, dealers going overseas. The Antilles and what not. Pills are major here. The only difference is in USA guns can be acquired easily.

    So what you stated about Amsterdam was a bit low to be honest. Its sad I have to defend my country about which country is more "gangsta"... Hope you read my last posts cause I understand where you coming from now.
    No I understand and I also respect where you coming from thats why I asked certain things. Didnt mean to offend anyone. I just need answers to understand more.
    People dont get me all the time but on a forum its even more difficult to express myself. I have to write in a foreign language. People take my posts out of context and only take certain aspects while not seeing it overall.

    We dont have to agree with eachother but at least I hope people understand what Im trying to say. That is all im trying to do.
    Purple for the mods, yes no? :ohoho: You have my permission to change to green. :griin:
    Signing a petition for the Mods to be reverted back to purple, are you in? :wacky:
    If one is insulted, then truth of a kind may be found in my message, and so truths don't bear insult; insult is self inflicted through rumination of character, thereby acknowledging flaws.

    Or as they say, "If the shoe fits"

    Nighty night :)
    Ok, I'm game.

    Please expose to me my faults, I beg you. Explain how shedding some light on the lack of character from a fellow member, how making him see that fundamental flaw which played a huge role on his current situation, if strident my method be, were to result in insult?

    Anyhow, I will peruse the links you have provided.
    Public censorship in this case is unacceptable, and is an insult to your position. I did not comment on anything that would instigate violence or insulted a minority, sex group, or religious institution of any kind. I simply pointed out some obvious truths.
    I am very much enjoying creating this gambler class. :grin: I've never done anything quite like it!
    No worries if I get banned or permed, btw. Its cool. I'll just take whatever time and effort I spent arguing with people here and hopefully put it to better use. :elmo:
    I responded to your PM, btw. Not sure where the hysteria and panic surrounding this issue comes from. But, I think I have a vague idea of how a middle eastern person on an airplane who has zero intent to commit terrorism, yet is treated like a terrorist anyway feels, now.
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