I just beat FFX! Here is my review.

Where do I start?

I never really knew much about Final Fantasy at all. I may have come across some of the old ones and played them but did not get interested, silly me.

I am not to sure when I first played final fantasy 10, it was years ago. I remember seeing the t.v. preview for it, and that started it all. That and seeing my friend Josh playing it one day and asking what it was called.

I rented it at first from movie gallery and kept on renting it until I bought it and the walk through on the same day.

Took me over a year to beat it, when I finally beat it, i cried... I did not want it to end so soon. I have now played it over 7 times, not beating it all the time, only a few. Each time getting more attached and more involved.

If i could I'd give it 11/10.
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i only just started playing this today and i have to say its amazing!

the only ff games ive played are
ff 1
ff 4
ff 7 crisis core
ff 10
ff 12
ff crystal chronicals echoes of time

my favorite is crisis core but if crisis core didnt exist, ff 10 would definately be my fav:ed:
Ugh, where to start...

First off, background stuff: Before this I only played 1, 5, 7, 9, and 11. So, I knew to expect certain things and to not expect certain things. Second, I will be beyond contradictive and say this; Yes, it was the first FF on the PS2, so Squaresoft was mostly testing the new system capabilities, but at the same time, I say that's no excuse.

Story: Very well done for the most part. After going through it a third time I really wish it actually could have been more like X-Files. Hiding the truth and only giving vague hints every once in a while. While yes, they do hide a great deal of big information for a long time in the game, you kinda expect some of the revelations, such as the full story behind what Sin is. Secondly, it had a perfect flow until after Bevelle. You do some big junk in Bevelle, piss off a lot of people and then... The biggest area in the game, Calm Lands, with virtually nothing to add to the main story, Mt. Gagazet, which only wraps up Kimahri's back story, the end of Gagazet, which is just one... really in perspective, minor fight against a story line boss. Then in Zanarkand... Tiny tidbits of back story until the very end when you get blasted with basically a Harry Potter book worth of information that is summarized to fit inside coding limits. And after Yunalesca drowns you with random revelations she leaves you with, "Oh yeah, you need to go kill Sin now. Have a nice day!"

Graphics: Here is where the no excuse part comes in. Beyond awesome real game graphics. Hell, just the fact that you tell what sword/shield your character is wearing while in battle was pretty cool. But... FMVs.... No excuse. WAY too fricking short. With only what, three or so out of FORTY PLUS FMVs, actually having any storyline what so ever? Lets see... First Blitzball, yes, good, introduces us more to Tidus... Luca boats, yes, important, introduces about 5 plus characters to the story... Operation Mi'ihen, yeah, you did just spend two areas and a lot of cutscenes building this one up... And then... I guess attacking Bevelle had a tad bit of story... And then the very last one (which by the way is absolute BS that you can't buy that in Luca), which finishes the whole game. So... Yes, four out of 40 plus FMVs that are more than just "Hey, lets show off how far we can push the PS2."

Battle System: I prefer ATB turned up to maximum speed. Having said that, I'll let the battle system on X slide. Quite simply, the way you fight in this FF is just necessary for going with the flow of the story / game in general. Summoning monsters is a very unique thing in X, and definitely better in some aspects compared to all other FFs. Character specific weapons? Insanely well done. Especially compared to IX. Only wish there was some sort of bows/arrows or something, but I suppose a ball will do the same job.

Characters: Very beautiful. For the first time (for me at least), no character seemed useless to either the story or fighting. Great interactions between all of them and perfect reactions to random parts of the story. The only problem I have with the characters, as some probably already know, is I really wish in Bikanel / Home, that some one other than Rikku had told Tidus some important stuff. Bad dudes were some what poorly done. Although, Mika and Kinoc were near perfect, but all other bad guys were bad.

Music: Perfect. I'm addicted to it, and am trying to find the sound tracks.

Speech Sound: Very nice. I felt that they hired perfect voice actors for every character. Fell in love with Yuna and Rikku's voice.

Sidequests: Horrible. Just horrible. No sidequest seemed to fit the game in even the slightest bit. Except maybe stuff concerning Yuna specifics, such as fighting Belgimine. Testing you abilities against other summoned monsters makes sense. Blitzball makes sense, even though it bugged the crap out of me. Everything else, no. I see no point in it.

Overall: It's my favorite FF. Yes, you read correctly. I always tend to beat the crap out of things I like the most. 9.5/10
Okay this is gonna get my brain thinking!

Lets start with the Storyline....IT was Fantastic, it was emotional and it was realistic (the graphics now look crap because of the bigger TV's and bigger pixels)

The Battle System was EASY to navigate, Learnt to Love FFx2 battle system betta then ffx. None the less the characters was Great Loved the aeons, and the scenery.

This was my first play at the series and i will always love it as it was like your first Teddy!
If they Were to put Final Fantasy X-2's battle system into Final fantasy X i will be foreva excited!!

I have found walkthroughs for FFX and I am amazed of all the stuff that i have left behind, its like secret hidden stuff that i have never knew of b4, so its a whole new exciting game AGAIN! (i dont have the strategy guide to this game its hard to get).
I have played FFX about 3 times, still playing 4th time round with the newly hidden stuff.

There you have it, i will Rate this game, 9.0/10:awesome:
My thoughts of Final Fantasy X

This is definately one of the best games I have played from Square Enix in the Final Fantasy catagory.

A great game needs good characters that you can imerse yourself with. There was not a single character I did not like, even when it came to the evil ones! They all had different personalities and were rich with detail inside and out. Their relationships seemed to work well, and even when they failed to get along, it was humorous and gave them the break they needed from being constantly friendly with each other.

The designs were vivid and strong when it came to colour and detail. The environments made you want to explore all day and look at every single part.
The character designs are also great as they are not the same in the least, they are detailed, and have been given human features that make them seem and feel a lot more realistic.

The gameplay never ceased to entertain me, and even the training didn't get boring (unless you were doing it for over three weeks D:). The random battles were a little frustrating if you were in a hurry to explore the next area, but the range of abilities and attacks made each battle seem different from the last.

Last of all, the cutscenes and movie scenes were perfect. the amoint of cutscenes in the game were fantastic, giving more life to the story and revealing more of the characters. As for the movie scenes, what more can I say than utterly amazing. It was all so realistic and made me want to watch them over and over again. It was like watching an entising movie, and when the movie scene was over, it left you wanting to see more.

All in all, a very imaginative game rich with humour, entertainment, and emotion, everything a successful game needs!

Yay! Hope you liked my review! (Sorry if it was a little long winded)
Final Fantasy X Review

Storyline : Final Fantasy X begins at a famous sporting game that the whole city of Zanakand is hyped up for. You begin to know the main character Tidus as the champion of this sporting event known as ''Blitzball''. The game begins in a stunning high 3D graphical CGI with interesting death metal music playing in the background.
While watching the CGI and being amazed by how much effort Square put into these graphics, you quickly find out that Zanakand is quickly wiped out by a giant tidal wave and ambushed by a giant monster that is familiar to a giant Shark's Fin.

Tidus meets up with his old Friend known as Auron, and Auron helps Tidus flee from the sporting grounds and into the city where people are desperately feeling from the attack. However much to Tidus's surprise, Tidus quickly betrays Auron and hands him to the side of the monster as you learn from Auron which is called as 'Sin'. Tidus is grabbed by the neck from Auron and is quickly warped into a portal zone...

Tidus awakes into a unknown land, escaping death from flesh eating fish shaped in a giant skull cage and people who speak in a strange and unknown language. After another attack from Sin, Tidus lands into a beach and meets a group of outgoing folk who play the same sport as him known as Bitzball. Tidus having hope that he is somewhere near familiar land from Zanakand, befriends these people and the leader of the Blitzball players known as Wakka. However he quickly learns that what is he says is deemed as crazy/ insane by the townsfolk disbelieving that he ever came from Zanakand or played with the Zanakand Abes Blitzball Squad.

However being the only one believing in Tidus, Wakka quickly explains what his land Besaid has been through with the attack of Sin and their reglion of Yevon and the Zanakand of his hometown now being a holy land to their reglion, and that Tidus was warped by Auron not just into another strange island, but at least one thousand years into the future, where Sin attacks are often and people are in fear.

During the adventure Tidus is learning things about how much the world has changed and the reglion of Yevon, and Tidus ends up breaking more rules than actually following them. Which usually ends up causing frustration and comic relief among the people of the world, or Spira. Tidus learns the hard way, about the main focus of Yevon's reglion is summoning. Falling in love with a young Summoner named Yuna, Tidus is automatically keen to become her guardian. Wakka and his bossy friend named Lulu join the guardianship, and later Yuna's silent warrior styled like a blue beast named Kimihri after taking a quick disliking to Tidus joins the Team.

Yuna and Tidus quickly making a connection together, Yuna teaches Tidus about the rules of summoning and how the summoner must travel across the world of Spira into Zankand the holy land and defeat Sin by summoning the final Aeon. A big and mystical spirit, that would destroy Sin's soul for a guessed time of 10 years...

Tidus gives Yuna hope throughout the adventure speaking about his old days of Zanakand, and how he hopes to bring Yuna to his old Zanakand one day and watch him play blitz ball and how he desires to bring her out of the stress and pressures of being a summoner and wanting to bring more ''fun'' and carefree ways into her life. But however a member of the main priests of Yevon named Seymour has other ideas and sees through Yuna's naive personality and shy glances and plans to make a tool out of her, and plans to keep on making her travel out her adventure. Since Spira and Seymour have ''hope'' on her that she will make it through..

However Seymour is not what he seems and he has more than one plan in mind and one includes making not just Yuna's life a miserable one, but the whole of Spira..

The storyline is a nice one but it's not creative as it is already almost seen in many animes across Japan history. The anime feel and already used feel of the storyline makes it seems predictable and slightly more annoying than what it should be.. However a major strong balance about FFX's storyline is the love between Tidus and Yuna and how the role of guardianship turns into a fun role for a friend into something deadly serious and almost breaking down into tears emotional. The storyline makes Tidus almost rather dumb on purpose, so when Tidus works things out about Spira and the Yevon reglion so do you...

However this is also another fault into the storyline. Some things are so easy to work out you know what is already what is going to happen before you are meant and what should of been a shock or a giant plotwist, it's not. The storyline also has a negative and sharp view on world reglion which is put into the storyline purposely, not to make the player think but make the player express more about the idea that a world with no reglion is a happy one. There is also cheesy moments twisted into the game, where the game should be getting serious. However you end up laughing, instead of having a emotional experience within the storyline.. Which isn't quite right. Without the romance feel between Tidus and Yuna, believe that FFX's storyline would be a huge flop..


Characters : Tidus- Usually have a love/ hate relationship with Tidus and usually end up thinking one moment that his character is horrible and the next is obsessed with him. Think it's because relate with his issues with his Father. However he is annoying, strange, goofy and rather unbalanced. However when the storyline gets serious he changes into a man that almost looks like he is apart to fall apart and seems rather angry and depressed. His change between happy and outgoing to lost and confused can make his character have a attraction to you. However his complaining, and strange behavior towards the beginning can put you off his character before you even begin. Think he would of been excellent if Zidane already wasn't created before him, but thanks to Zidane we have witnessed how a carefree and outgoing leader should act. Which makes Tidus loose what should of been his gain towards victory..

6/ 10 ( 7/ 10 when is liking him xD)

Yuna:- Believe that Yuna is the main strength of the game. Never have seen a character so unselfish and kind, and is willing at all cost to save the world from misery even if it means giving up everything that she herself has gained. It's rare to see somebody who is willing to give everything she has, for somebody elses benefits. Despite being naive and a main puppet to be easily used by others. Never have seen somebody so bold and brave to face dangerous outcomes and be unselfish towards things and other people. Yuna is a brave warrior and probably what should of been the main character within FFX. Still playing the role of the main love interest to Tidus, she still does a pretty awesome job of her character..


Auron :- Here comes Mr Awesome- saucesome ! Auron is a poplaur character among FFX and you are probably bound to like his character as well. He is enigmatic, mysterious, and quite the unpredictable fellow. However despite being a cool and handsome character there is something more to him. His past is what keeps you hanging on to his character and desiring more. Not to mention he is all not prefect and wonderful and he has made some terrible mistakes in his life. Auron is probably the true leader of the party since he manages to knock some sense into both Yuna and the emotional Tidus...

7/ 10

Rikku:- Rikku is the hyperactive and happy-go-lucky girl. If you think that your going to see another blind to reality Selphie or a annoying selfish Yuffie. You are mistaken. Rikku is a character that actually follows her heart and does what is right and despite being born into a race that is banished and frowned upon by the Yevon Religion she still has a positive and outgoing attitude on life. However she still has her annoying moments, but its her "I don't give a right darn what you think ''! moments which makes her character a strong and sets her apart from Selphie and Yuffie, which played the part of the hyperactive and happy girl before she did.

Also believe that Rikku should of really been the main interest between Tidus. Despite Yuna being a amazing character, but Square should of showed that you don't need a boyfriend to pull you through rough moments, but all you need is the love of Friends and Family. And Tidus and Rikku make a awesome connection..


Wakka:- Wakka is just really the main writers example of a *blind follower* towards faith. Wakka is annoying, clumsy, and basically a embarrassment towards the sport of Bitzball. And his weapon is just plain strange. But that's basically Wakka's character. He is blinded by Yevon's reglion and he is a embarrassment towards Bitzball..


Lulu :- Lulu's character is a frustrating one. Female players may dislike her from the automatic start for her character being modeled as the same as Sex eye candy.
The way she stands down during her victory cheer poses after every battle and the way Square puts the camera at her chest first and then quickly zooms to her head everytime makes it even more frustrating. Not to mention she comes off as bitter cold and emotionless. It takes a long time to like Lulu, unless you are already under a spell from the purposely camera angle or her purposely Victory cheer.
You learn after a few playthroughs that she isn't just the bitter sexual object, but the actual Mother of the group and bitter because of her traumatizing past. But her character seems small an limited, like SE spent to much time focusing on her chest than adding more detail about her actual own persona..


Seymour :- Seymour could be counted as the villain of the video game, or the Final Fantasy legend. Seymour quickly comes off as a rather creepy character since his focus within the game is Yuna. There is moments of disturbing eye movements and heavy breathing, which is bound to make you feel ill inside and sorry for Yuna's character. Seymour takes awhile for his evil ambition to heat up and take action and before that you have already made plans of grabbing this guy and locking him into a prison...

Seymour for most the game doesn't really *feel* like a evil and mysterious villain to almost the end. He seems a bit slow and you don't really have the shudders of fear down your spine like Sephiroth or Kefka..
But when the action heads up, he is actually a pretty fine villain and his steps all take into place like you know he was planning something from the beginning, unlike Kuja from IX which was before him.

Kuja- " My plan has finally fallen into place.. " !.

'' R- Really ?, you were actually planning something ?? 0_O. ''

With Seymour you don't get that feeling of he was randomly making up his ambitions on the spot along the way..

6/ 10

Overall : 6 1/ 2 out of 10. With Yuna's brilliant character almost making it a 7.

Gameplay and Battle System-

The battle system sadly makes the game a little to simple, however it was a nice change made by Square and it makes the change a refreshing one instead a mistake that fans disliked. The battle system can be addictive one, however once you have got the style FFX is really not a challenge until Zanakand Temple. Really, the aim to FFX is just leveling up alot and the game is too much of a breeze and only one or two bosses should give you trouble and they are not almost till the end. So you can basically goof around with no much effort until the 2nd half the game. A good battle system is one that is addictive but it makes you want to level up and have the feeling of effort that you are doing something awarding, and FFX's battle system has no award.

4/ 10

The leveling up system/ The learning System.

In FFVII we had Materia, in FFVIII we had Junction. Now we have the Sphere Grid. And is actually quite fond of the Sphere Grid. However the main negative towards it is that it takes leveling up away from the game. So if you loved Leveling up from FFVII- IX. You are going to have a massive dislike relationship with the sphere grid. However it's quite creative, clever and it works and it shows that Square put heaps of effort into a massively huge leveling up system. It's rather impressive. Not to mention your characters are free to learning anything from the other characters minus summoning..

8/ 10

The Replay Value

Think you are bound to play through this game once or if you can't stand some of the annoying characters or predictable storyline there is a huge chance you could stop halfway through and end up disliking the game. Think you are bound to play through the game at least three times.. Once for the experiment of a new game and new experience. Twice to see what you missed and to view again your favourite moments and to 3rd try and pick up any secret weapons and defeat the Final Aeons. The secret missions and weapons save the game from a 2-times- only replay value, which is pretty short. But if you don't have any slight interest in finding weapons or defeating any harder bosses just for the sake of completion, then the replay value is pretty fast gone..

4/ 10

Final Fantasy X

Overall Score-

27 per cent out 50 per cent %

It was my first Final Fantasy game and possibly the best one I have played. Until XIII and XIV come out anyway!? Anyway, everything about the game was epic: The story, the soundtrack, the visuals, the characters and the gameplay of course. For me, it was new and fresh. I had never seen anything like it before. I was one of the first people to buy X-2 in Ireland so I guess i'm an X fanboy! At least i'm not a VII fanboy...*cough*
Let me first of state that I've played and beaten this game over 3 times now, and Have gotten all ultimate weapons and Aeons.

Now, as for my review:

I remember first playing this game, it was the first FF on PS2 and was the first to feature voice acting and real time facial expressions. This game has a much more emotional value than any other FF game, and will make you cry at times. I find myself playing this game at least once every couple of years, and each time I play I gain even more insight on the story and character development.

If you're a fan of FF games, than to pass this one up without playing it is idiotic. Don't go any further in life without playing this one. This is arguably the BEST FF game in the series.
My Final Fantasy X Review

Final Fantasy X opens up with a breath taking Video showing of the PS2 graphics, and then we get landed straight into the game ...okay after about 4 hours of video. When we get into the story we find that it is a love story. Tidus and Yuna will fall in love we know it from the minute we see Yuna. However the story of X is not simply that ,oh no, it's also a plot about the truths behind characters, monsters and even a religion! X has a great story no two ways about it. Some of it is really heart renching stuff! Other parts of it make you just wanna' keep playing until the early hours of the morning. The story is a nice mix of ideas and written rather well. Very good indeed. 9.25/10

The game itself is great, WHEN YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY! The biggest issue with FFX is that there is way to many video scenes. You honestly play so little of the game in the first 4 hours it's unreal. Yes the video's look great but we dont need to see them every five seconds! When we are actually playing it is brilliant. Battle's are nice and quick. Animations look superb. Limit Breaks are back but are given a new name "Overdrives" but this time there is a tiny challenge you need to complete to pull them off. Now we need to mention the "Sphere Grid" FFX's new system to replace LV up. Now when i fist got FFX and i started playing i was a little upset that they had replace LV however i grew to love it and the freedom that it gives the player. You can literally make your characters learn anything and everything and also you can make them ubber strong which we all know is fun. A lot of sidequests and some very difficult ones (Dark Aeons, Pennace) that need plenty of time to beat. FFX has good gameplay BUT not enough of it! I honestly find it hard to start a new game because of the first four or five hours. 8/10

The characters of FFX are enjoyable to watch but none of them seem original. While i do like most of the characters from the game they just seem a little dated. The main character, like its predecesor, is a happy, friendly character but don't worry he is teamed with some pretty glum bastards so its all okay. Yuna is a very good leading lady and one of the my favorites from the series. 8.5/10

The soundtrack is the weakest in a while but is still very enjoyable and has some great peices. They made good use of the PS2 sound chip and really cranked up the quality. However the music is laking is heart and doesn't have what a lot of the earlier games had. Still a good soundtrack and it adds to the game's quality. 8.75/10

The graphics are amazing nothing else can be said about them. It was incredible to see the step up made from IX to X and they really put in a huge amount of effort into facial expresions and reactions. 10/10

It's hard not to enjoy FFX even though at times it is infuriating thanks to the amount of videos, i still think FFX is a great game worthy of the name Final Fantasy. 9/10

A nice round 9/10 for FFX
Characters~Adored the characters especially each other their personals. Although seymour creeped me out and still does >.>, but as My best friend and I were discussing about this game, we both agreed that out of all of them FFX shows the most Family Values,Friendship values and true love value. Of course FFVIII and FFIX had strong friendships as well. Even right now, I'm debating on how strong the bond of love is in FFX compared to FFVIII. In many ways they differ but in many ways they are similar. All in all, the characters..well all I can say is, couldnt anyone better but the characters they chose for this game. :)

Story~ I simply loved the story. --I'm a sucker for FFVIII's((the most)),FFIX and FFX's storylines-- It just blended in so well and bringing Tidus along the journey with Yuna just made it more better. I mean this one actually made me cry especially at the ending. Just its that emotional to where this game can bring tears to people's eyes.

Combat~ I was VERY impressed with the battling system and how they enhanced the graphics in gameplay including the Aeons. Also during the fight you were able to switch your characters out. That made me happy, I was like woohooo Advantage! Plus it lets you use the each character and have them level much easier. The Garment Grid ideal annoyed me a little but it was different. I mean you could have everyone mix and learn different spells and abilities. Like I had Yuna learning black magic. It sounds weird but it works great :) Its basically like they made it to where the characters have varities instead of just learning specific abilties only assigned for them.

Traditions,etc..~This game also represented traditions like the others did. It was rather unique with about Sin and such. Fell into place more, sin was the main target throughout much of the game however, when that yevon boss came into the picture. That honestly left me baffled. Maybe I missed something in the game where they may have mentioned yevon, but it really did confuse me.

Well thats all for my Review
I rate this game--
Ive played almost every FF game and my conclusion is this, FFX, comes first in my opinion, just the story line and themes come together perfectly not to mention how complicated some of the fights become against the dark aeons or Rikku's overdrive providing much looking into.
So to be brief, i could go on for pages but ill leave it at this, its a brilliant game and easy to get attached to the characters! <3
I got FFX 6 days after it came out in Europe (which means, June 4, 2002).
Only last March I managed to finish the game with 100%, with all the Dark Aeons killed, all the Celestial Weapons (I'm never doing the butterfly game again) and with Penance killed.

FFX was a great game, with a somewhat confusing plot.
The fact that Tidus is a 'ghost' and that he has influence on the events happening 1000 years after his existence is a bit farfetched

But the rest of the game is superb: you have blitz, the Dark Aeons, Monster Arena (though, I admit, it can become boring to try and catch every single monster of Spira), and the last part, the music. Epic and for me it only stays behind the soundtrack of FFVIII.

It was definitely worth it, to stay 10 months waiting for this game to come out.
Pity I never tried to finish it 100% earlier.
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Well i beat thiz game a long time ago and thiz is what i think about it.. This game was awesome everything was perfect about it (the story mode the characters ect.) Blitz ball was awesome and a very good Idea i would like to meet the person that came up whit it ... The villians were pretty cool and another thing I really liked about it was the twist at the end whit yeavon using machina and not following there teachings ..This game was amazing .. but the only two things i dint like about it was the last form of seymour being way to easy and having auto life in the final battle whit Yu Yevon
I beat the game a few years ago.

The story of this game was wonderful and still holds up as the best story I've witness in a game today. Every character played their part well, even the one I didn't like, and I just had to play through to see the story to the end. The game play was also fun and for its time the graphics were ace. If you haven't played it I would certainly recommend it for you. However if you're the type of gamer who can't stand long clips, because a lot of the clips on here are pretty long, I wouldn't recommend it for you because chances are you would get sick of all the talking and want to play something else. But if that's not an issue then I highly recommend it.

10/10. I have nothing bad to say about this game.
The game is a bit artificial sometimes, but it delivers some great themes as well.

As far as Final Fantasy goes (which is usually far), X is a great offering. X contains a full-blown quest that isn't overly long (per se), and has some cool sidequests/extras.

It's possible that you won't like this game, but like most Final Fantasy games that are generally well-received, it's worth a try.

Yeah I am currently playing it my third time and I will say its a great game...allthough I cant say which is my favorite or if this one is I will say its right up there with 7 and 9. one thing I love about it is that it is one of the most expansive final fantasy's...another reason i love 7. after I beat the game there is almost endless things too do..which brings me to why im playing it a third time. Regardless i have the US version, I still look forward to prepping for the arena and nailing down nemesis and taking on the optional bosses omega..which should be much easier. All and all...amazing game. I love the sphere grid, the story, characters...only thing i wish is that when it comes to the end game expansive part....that black magic wasnt so useless...I mean it all comes down to brute power.
Here's my review, LOVE FFX!! It was my first FF and I was very pleased. the storyline is great, the graphics and scenery are amazing, and I'm a total romance sap so of course I loved the Tidus/Yuna thing going on.

The only complaint I have is the final bosses in the game.

Here's how it went down, I got the the Seymour boss and I was like "Oh geez his last form was bad, this ones gotta be worse" and guess what, he was a breeze, I was actually giggling at him.

Then I got to the final aeon thinking "alright now here's a REAL battle!" and...well...took him out without any trouble.

NOW I get to Yu Yevon, I'm sitting there going "Oh I'm scared, he's the FINAL boss, this is gonna be tough" And guess what, A 4 YEAR OLD CAN BEAT IT!! I'm dead serious, you see in the battle YOU CANNOT DIE NO MATTER WHAT!! Its cuz during the battle your entire party is on this constant Auto-Life status where if you die they automatically come back to life with all their HP.

After I beat Yu Yevon i was actually waiting for the REAL final boss...then the CGI ending started, I just started "That was it? I wasted my Gill on those potions and spent hours training doing side-quests for NOTHING!!??"

So yeah, kinda wished the final boss was kind of a challenge, it could be that my party was so strong, my Sin party was Tidus (he could do 9999 damage, he only had a normal weapon unfortuntly, and no enemy could touch him), Yuna (knew ALL white magic, had celestial weapon, and went into Rikku's and Lulu's sphere grids so she was a magic machine), and Rikku (I didn't mean to really, but she leveled up WAY fast, I did use her a lot for machinas and eventually she because probably the most strongest and I decided to use her, she had celestial weapon and could do over 20000 damage)

That's no excuse for Yu Yevon though, it would've been a lot more challenging if the party wasn't on Auto-Life.
well I agree with the storyline bosses being easy...but like i stated I am currently playing for the third time for one reason.....the arena bosses. if you want your challenge than you should get prepared for this. because they are all hard in themselves and it takes time to prepare for them. and the fight your looking for is nemesis..unless your have international..than the dark aoens and panace are what you want as well
I just beat FFX a bit ago. I got interested in playing it after watching a guy play through it on YouTube (video walkthrough), and liked how well he had been doing on it.

I didn't really pay too much attention to the story, I was more interested in the gameplay. I had seen all the scenes beforehand and did get emotional at some parts of it. The FMVs were very nice and detailed (for the PS2), I didn't mind the voices, they were alright.

The battle system was easy to figure out, enemies had certain weaknesses that each character was able to handle (and is explained). Switching out to let everyone participate to get sphere levels did make battles last longer for me, that was new to me. I had been used to just focusing on three to four characters in a battle at one time. The Sphere Grid looked complicated at first, navigating it can take a long time, practically the whole game to get most stats for everyone. Acquiring spheres (for the Sphere Grid), especially at the start of the game, is hard to come by, but later on becomes much easier.

Blitzball was very time consuming, also difficult for me at first. It takes a while for it to become easier. The Celestial Weapon "missions" were annoying, but worth it if you want to try out the Monster Arena (I do not want to do the Butterfly Catching game again!). The Monster Arena is the true challenge of the game, very difficult enemies! Also very time consuming, but worth it for the challenge.

I enjoyed playing the game, and was happy I was able to do everything in it. About 134 hours of gameplay time is the most I have done ever with an RPG.

My score would be an 8 out of 10. :)
I just beat FFX (last night) yay :santa: :cookie:
I must say it was a good game, not as good as VII but still up there.

I liked the story of the game, and I think there was red line througout the whole game, which many games seem not to be able to do, although the FF series are great atit.

As for the characters..well they werent bad but neither great...They failed to make me really feel for them, but at least none of them were as #misplaced" as Caith sith.

I really liked that you could keep rotating your characters in a fight, so they all could gain exp, but 7 players wasa bit to many imo.
The concept of being a turn based fight, made it a little easy, because you had all thetime in the world to keep fiddeling around making sure you would get the upper hand in the fight...there should ba a time limit imo.

As for getting and powering up all the legendary weapons, I really liked it. Because to be able to get the advantage, that it is, to have a powered up legendary weapon, you had to complete some rather #¤%&/ sidequests. Blitzball was very annoying imo, due to the amount af time I had to use on it. But the game developers had some great ideas with this and I must say they did an excellent job.

The worst fiend for me, in the storymode was Great Malboro...what a bastard...Cant think of an enemy that have annoyed and ruined, so many hours of gameplay for me, (leveling up without saving = do'h ).

Monster arena was gtreat...so many awesome fiends, that takes so long to beat...that's a real challenge.
And putting in Dark Aeons is simply brilliant...the game designers have done it again.

The biggest letdown of the game for me, was from Inside Sin and the rest of the game...The Bosses were such a let down...yyes I have grinded a lot and all the legendary weapons, but they were way to easy to beat...the story builded up such epic fights, but they were over before they got started. (yes i'll try beating them without legendary weapons). I thought they were going to take lot of effort and time..like Sephiroth (i did'nt have KOTRT materia) it took so long and was really a tough battle for me....dissapointed yes.
Must say this game have the best Aeons..damn they are awesome...Anima :inlove:

But Its still a recommendable game for those whom havent played it...great game

Now im finishing off the monster arena, (have 10 of all), then 'm going for the Dark Aeons.
Next FF game for me is FFVIII....never finished it because the story was so boring, was at disc 3 at the time, bt I'm going to give this another chance.
I beat this game several years ago, and my impressions were that it definately wasn't the end, considering they'd already released x-2.

In terms of gameplay and graphics, i'd say it was pretty much an eyeopener, considering i was use to FF7 and 8 graphics.
Also i was use to ATB Gauge battles not turn based.

One thing i will say is that the Last boss (braskas Final Aeon) was annoying first time around, but Yu Yevon was the exact opposite, i was frantically trying to beat him, freaking out cos my characters kept getting KO'd and i really didn't feel like getting a game over at the FINAL boss.

I almost felt as relieved after i beat him, as i felt when i bear H2 for the first time...