I just beat FFX! Here is my review.

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Anyways... though I have only played this installment of the Final Fantasy series and therefore have no comparison with the franchise I still highly rate this game. I am a very picky person who finds it hard to stay dedicated to anything (i.e. games, tv shows, even movies) and this is something that kept me playing non-stop 'til the very end!

The story is truly compelling. There is a colossal, unstoppable being reigning terror over the world of Spira, known as Sin. Sin brings terrible heartache to those it makes suffer, ruining towns and shattering lives; though maybe an unoriginal starting point, SE really knew what to do with it. The game is divinely skilled at showing us the pain Sin brings to Spira, what with scenes such as Yuna's sending of the souls of the dead as onlooking relatives and friends of the fallen watch, traumatised. We follow from Tidus' POV, a young male who seems to have been thrown away from his world and into Spira by Sin. He accompanies Yuna, a summoner who travels on a pilgrimage to defeat, temporarily, the reigning beast. We are joined by other characters who are guardians of Yuna, protecting her on the way. The romance that sparks between Tidus and Yuna is unquestionable; silenced by the importance of the pilgrimage, every moment they share is filled with subtleties that indicate their love for one another, and their story becomes so bittersweet - facing some of the toughest obstacles with their mortality hanging in the balance as they harbour their affection for one other, every moment they share being a quick escape from the danger they are faced with.

I believe that most of the characters, most importantly Yuna and her guardians who you are the most exposed to, are developed greatly and really grow on you. There is Yuna, the young and hopeful summoner who seeks to bring the Calm upon Spira; you really admire her selflessness to put herself through these trials in order to make the world happy. Tidus begins as a little clueless, but his passion and kindness really burst through when he begins to befriend his new comrades and starts to become personally involved in the journey to defeat Sin. I won't discuss that of every character, but each one has their own unique essence that you appreciate within them all. Even the villains and characters that fall into a moral grey area that you come across have their complexities; especially Seymour Guado and Jecht, Tidus' father, who you are first made to believe in nothing but an alcoholic failure of a parent. Overall, the cast of the game really captivates you in one way or another, making it a really good playing experience. What's worse than bland characters?

One word; flawless. Though I may not be able to discuss the soundtrack too deeply with those that played the original PS2 version whilst I, as a latecomer into this franchise, bagged the PS3 Remaster, I have listened to both tracks and though, both executed a little differently, seem to share the same bases and are both of a high standard. I believe the Remaster to give the game a more magical and eloquent feel; every track had a little personality, bringing your surroundings to life. There were intense moments where I was already so fired up, and the music would kick in or become more apparent and my feelings would just be magnified x10. It really is a graceful soundtrack that helps amplify all moments, whether they be of comedy, relief, or tragedy.

Again, as a player of the Remaster, I had a different experience with the visuals of this game in comparison to the oldies, though watching through old playthroughs, reading old reviews and understanding that FFX was the first PS2 FF game, I know that in their time, they were a breakthrough, and the Remaster only heightens this. As a Remaster of a PS2 game I was thoroughly impressed - the colours vivid and visuals themselves awe striking. Your journey is a long one, and there are a varied amount of places you travel through; icy mountains, humid forests and gloomy caves, this game has the lot.

Though not the most important part of an RPG, those dedicated players who want to get that 100% are in for some real frustration. There are optional ultimate weapons you can obtain in this game, known as Celestial Weapons, to help you in the final showdown with Sin - though not required, they are highly useful, but require a lot of painstakingly repetitive and infuriating tasks to complete before being able to use them, such as dodging lightning strikes up to 200 times, acquiring at time of 0.0.0 in a Chocobo race, and re-returning to locations where powerful Dark Aeons await you, if you did not previously obtain other items. This is my only complaint, the games are fine on their own but can become extremely tedious if you are aiming for extra stuff.

This installment is a real gem, and highly recommend it to those who are mega-fans of RPGS, or those in the FF franchise who have not yet explored this masterpiece. With it's highly engaging story, captivating characters, scenic locations and beautifully crafted soundtrack, Final Fantasy Ten takes you on an unforgettable journey jam packed with emotion that won't subside for weeks.
Was my favorite game of all ff games after 7 until I played crisis core. FF 10 is my favorite storyline and the staory and leveling system is off the hook. You can level past the damage, mp hp limit with all characters and summons and you get anima and many characters in the game I also like valefor ifrit ixion, and bahamut and yojimbo. The story is the best to me of all ff storylines . You need to defeat and undefeatable foe called sin and you go 1000 years into the future just to do it plus you are dreamt up by the fayt to defeat sin and auron is a unsent dead chaarcter. I alos like the lifestream and seymour is a interesting character for a bad guy and is a challenging boss. He kills his dad adding an element of depth and interest to the story but I like tidus the most. I don't like villains but like seymour for some odd reason. Maybe because of how he looks? Anyway Lady yunalesca is a tough character and the usic, character development, amount of characters,summonings, and leveling system on ff 10 make this one of the best ff games ever.
My second favourite Final Fantasy after VII. Hell it might even have been my actual favourite if not for the linearity and unskippable cutscenes.
I finished it myself last Friday, as a matter of fact! I took a long break from it so I could mentally recuperate from all that level-grinding, but came back and successfully pushed forth till the very end. And with a little help from some walkthroughs on GameFAQs, I was able to defeat all the rest of the bosses with much less effort than if I tried to do it with no walkthrough at my side.

Now as far as what I think of the game itself is concerned, the graphics are great (and are still pretty darn good by today's standards, IMHO), the music is top-notch, and the story is exciting and engaging (yet not one moment made me shed even a single tear, but that's because I'm a person that has always struggled in the empathy department, sadly 🙁). Plus the gameplay is excellent as well; there were some moments were it was hard for me to put down the controller because I was having so much fun! Although, the random battle encounters could get a little annoying at times, and I found the Sphere Grid system to be somewhat clunky and dated, especially since each characters' paths on the grid can overlap with each other. >_<

Character-wise, they're definitely not my favorite video game characters of all time, but hey, you find something to like in each one of them...yet most of us can agree that Kimahri is an absolute dud of a character, and the fact that he's not really that useful in battle and that his designated path on the Sphere Grid is so limited doesn't really help, either. :dry: Also, Yuna can be a bit of a nuisance at times, too...oh well, at least she's beautiful to look at. 😏😅

So yeah, there's my little review of Final Fantasy X...I wonder if I will ever get around to trying X-2 at some point? Probably. Most likely. :cool:👍

Addendum: I forgot to mention this, but man, Blitzball is SHIT. It is by far the most poorly-designed, ass-backwards, confusing, counter-intuitive video game mini-game I've ever had the chance to play. Tried it once, and bailed the fuck out and never played it again; I don't think I've ever come across ANYONE who actually liked Blitzball...it sucks. :mad:🖕
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