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  • No worries. It is indeed a complicated / strange movie.

    What you described is pretty much what I got from it too. The monoliths either marked the points in which major steps in evolution took place, or were directly responsible for the developments.

    It's an interesting idea. Put together very well too, I thought. Stanley Kubrick was a fantastic director.

    If you haven't seen many other films by him, I suggest that you do.
    Just read what you said about not really getting the idea of what happened in Space Odyssey.
    I think you were mainly right with how you described it before in the SB, but the way the film ends can throw people. It goes absolutely crazy. It is, however, still following the same basic idea of what was happening beforehand. How we take the ending is up to us, - allegorically or literally, etc. It's one of those things that isn't stated officially so that people can talk about it forever and ever.
    Just Letting you know that Requiem's Call has Restarted and is in need of Posting,it's nearly been a week since it's Restarted,If no one has posted within this time the Character's will be hit with the bomb and die off.I really don't want to do this because you still showed intrest so please post when you have time.


    Aaron/A.A./Emperor Lelouch
    Since I'm leaving,I donated the last of what I had to you. Hopefully you can carry on and purchase your very own smoking smilie. :) It doesn't have to be a combination of mine or you're name anymore......So you're free to do what you want of your choosing.

    Peace and much love. It's been fun.
    lol missed your shout. yeah still playin 9. started again and went and did the stellazio and the chocobo sidequests....well... still doing them lol. ay disc 3 right now.
    This a man who likes The Doors. This is a friend of Pockets.
    This, ladies and gentlemen, is Ambassador Awesome.
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