Halloween Movie Night [VOTING]


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May 17, 2019
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The Mummy

~Friday October 30th~

Hey guys! With Film Friends Forever being a great hit, it was agreed that we were due for a spooky Halloween movie night!

Your regular movie night host Paddy McGee will be streaming one scary movie the Friday before Halloween (October 30th) at our request!
So Film Friends we need your help at suggesting this Halloween's scary movie!


Most people are already familiar with Film Friends Forever
But this is a Discord only event.
If you have any questions feel free to ask, PM, or comment in the movie-night chat over on Discord.


Comment below your suggestions for any scary, spooky or Halloween-themed films. The films will go to poll later on and we will have a final count for which film will be streamed at the end of the month.

***Please keep suggested movies below the 'R' rating***
(Or below the age of 17, as I'm uncultured & unfamiliar with outside film ratings)
Obviously no excessive gore, nudity, etc.

Vote for your top three movies:
(In Alphabetical Order)
The Addams Family
The Grudge
Hocus Pocus
Jurassic Park
The Mummy
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Ring


Voting is over and the winner for this year's Halloween movie is
The Mummy!

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Personally I'd say a Halloween movie since it is only fitting. Perhaps its remake? I don't really care which one. Scream is a good one too as long as it's not the the 3rd movie unless we're going to watch it just to take the piss out of it. >.> You know me I'm not very picky.
I would vote for one of the old Halloween movies but since I am sure there are some rather r-rated scenes which would break discord rules i'd like to put Hocus Pocus up for a vote. Scream would be a good choice as well but if we don't mind the risque nature of scenes I agree with the original Halloween film.
I don't often watch horror movies (either the trashy stabby-stab / jumpy boo movies or the genuinely thrilling ones).

One which I did see and was quite scary (for psychological reasons) was an often forgotten film called 1408. It's not a perfect movie but it is quite layered.
That can be one of the oddball suggestions. I'm sure Scary Movie/Scream/Halloween etc will probably get beyond the poll.
I think all horror-ish films are terrible. I don't like them, they're not interesting. Unless they're so incredibly bad that you can make fun of them. Other films that may not be seen as Halloween films, but also have some spookiness, or scary moments that I think would be watchable...

Shaun of the Dead
Silence of the Lambs
The Nightmare Before Christmas
I'm not too familiar with these movies because I'm not really into them myself, but in hindsight I should have addressed some of these movies having gore, nudity, etc.

I went ahead and put a list up in the first initial post for anything that would fall below an 'R' rating (Or under the age of 17 as I'm uncultured & unfamiliar with outside film ratings). I know some of those movies have multiple parts so I'm unsure if there is one out there that falls under the criteria, so go ahead and mention it if you want it up on the list. Sorry if it cuts back a lot on some of the movies you were hoping to see. :8F:

Also I've added Casper the 1995 movie. :blush:
How about The Ring then? A classic horror movie that is PG-13 but can still be scary nonetheless.
Probably gonna let this go to vote next week (on Monday the 19th) & possibly another round a week after that if needed. Let us know if there's anything else that should be added to the list!
Gremlins should make the list either one.
Same with the Addams Family movies bar the third one.
Jurassic Park or how bout The Mummy(Frasier one)/Mummy Returns.

The Mummy is one of my guilty pleasures, I must admit.

It is so impossibly cheesy, but also a great adventure and a load of fun. Omid Djalili and John Hannah in particular are fantastic in it.
I *love* The Mummy :tearjoy: I didn't even think to add this to the list, thanks for the suggestion. Jurassic Park I suggested in the original Film Friends thread but got passed over :sad2: Not sure how related it is to Halloween but I'll toss it up on the list as well.
Okay! I've added a poll to the top for voting. You may vote for your top three favorites! The poll closes the day before movie night so we can keep an eye on things if it looks like we're nearing a draw. If you feel compelled I can add more suggestions but for now try and cast your top three votes :-)

Poll is scheduled to end in another 10~ hours!
The Mummy is in the lead but if anyone hasn't voted yet, or has a change of heart, now is your last chance!​