1. Dionysos

    The Uncharted film

    It's been known for some time that a film set in the Uncharted universe is in the works. For the longest time it was frantically passed from director to director like a live grenade missing its pin, but we finally have our first look at the film today. Tom Holland was an unusual choice for...
  2. Miko

    Halloween Movie Night [VOTING]

    The Mummy ~Friday October 30th~ Hey guys! With Film Friends Forever being a great hit, it was agreed that we were due for a spooky Halloween movie night! Your regular movie night host Paddy McGee will be streaming one scary movie the Friday before Halloween (October 30th) at our request! So...
  3. Miko

    Sonic the Hedgehog (2020 Film)

    Sonic finally got an upgrade after fan outcry. What do you think about his new updated look? Plus your thoughts on the movie? Personally I'm still prepared to be disappointed.. but happy with the new look at least. Let me know your guys' thoughts!
  4. Dionysos

    FFXIV movie: Minions Adventure.

    I followed a link on Twitter and have no regrets. I’ve needed some cheering up this weekend so I hope this does the same for you lot! Zanekonpu / Toi Toi Pictures and Mameko Sora have created a wonderful little film set and filmed in FFXIV to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the game. It...
  5. Dionysos

    We know FFF really loves Cats….

    So how do you all feel about this film? Excited? Scared? Traumatised? - I'll probably go and see it. I know about the musical, obviously, but I have never seen it and I don't fully know what the plot is about. I am quite curious (no pun intended) to see what this will be like. Once I get...
  6. greenyxi

    IT (2017)

    Hey all, anyone seen IT? What are your thoughts? Personally: I went to see it on Saturday and thought it was absolutely brilliant. The horror/humour divide was perfect; King books and films always need some lightheartedness to them. The effects were great. Pennywise was acted out really well...

    KH Spinoffs Birth By Sleep ~Volume Two~ [Some Spoilers]

    [Right, so I'm probably late coming into this, as I'm guessing some or a lot of you have already heard of this. :unsure: Still, figured since I can't find anything other than people's random theories or 'want lists' on a lot of other sites it'd be worth it to post this on a site I know I can get...
  8. L

    Idea for story?

    Hi, My name is Alicia and I really love final fantasy. So me and my friends decided that we want to make a movie or game using 3d software. But I need some story ideas, and I want the story to be similar to the final fantasy series but not so close that it is copying anything. But I'm sad to say...
  9. moogling

    Report - Kane & Lynch movie without a director

    According to a report from Latino Review, the director for the Kane & Lynch movie tie-in has walked from the project. Simon Crayne was attached to do the project alongside stars Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx, with the movie itself going into production in August for a 2011 release. The site...