The Uncharted film

How do you feel about the film?

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It's been known for some time that a film set in the Uncharted universe is in the works. For the longest time it was frantically passed from director to director like a live grenade missing its pin, but we finally have our first look at the film today.

Tom Holland was an unusual choice for Nate, but as a younger Nate? He actually looks the part in a way. The film is to be a prequel to the games, so hopefully they make the younger Drake make a decent connection between the kid Drake that we saw in UC3 and UC4's flashbacks and the established adult Drake that we love from the games.

I'm cautious about the project in general, but I am happy that they are not (as far as we know) simply retelling the story of the game. I like that they are going to tell a new story (of sorts) because the games were pretty much cinematic experiences anyway and nothing is gained from retelling the stories through the medium of film.

Are you excited about the film? Indifferent? Angry?
Hot Take:
The first Silent Hill is for me the best Video Game Movie adaptation.
There was a TV series "Hooten & The Lady" which seemed to only last one season. That had an Uncharted vibe. But it was action set pieces at the beginning and end of each episode with uninteresting character driven plots. Like the last word in unskippable cut scenes.
Hopefully the Uncharted Movie will be more interesting. Even if it uses the backdrop screen technique from The Mandalorian, I'm both looking forward to risking my life in a Theatre to see it. AND think it'll be far more enjoyable than whatever film they finally make for Indiana Jones.
I'm just surprised it took this long. I am open to fast and loose takes on Drake's character. Hope the exposition is as smoother than the Game's.
So voted top option. It's not going to be the experience of playing Uncharted and I'm just taking it as an adaption. Would love it to have sequels if successful.
If everyone who's played an Uncharted game saw it in the first week of release, I think the film could do seriously well.
Or it could be a travesty! Hope not! I'm sticking with going to see it and optimistic for the film.
Be something to look forward to!
I completely missed this, but apparently a few weeks ago they shared a few teaser images for this.

We should be learning a lot more about this soon, you'd think, since it is due out this year and Tom Holland has, true to himself, hinted at reveals.

I’m not feeling it with this screenshot. I can see Tom Holland's Drake, and I get that this is a younger Sully too, but why no moustache? No Hawaiian shirt? Cigar? He had all of these features in gameplay scenes when he was younger than this. So is this set during the one period of Sully's life when he looked like Mark Wahlberg?

The only explanation I have is that this was deliberately done to spark faux outrage, because outrage = publicity.

The trailer is out!

I still buy Holland as a young Drake (slightly) more than I buy Wahlberg as Sully… But why on earth is Uncharted 3’s plane scene here if it is truly meant to be a prequel?

Also why are Drake and Sully only just meeting here when they actually met when Drake was a kid? Something tells me that this is a reboot rather than a prequel after all.

I'll give it a chance, but I'm not very hopeful so far with the direction they are going.
I gave Uncharted a go tonight and it's actually not at all as bad as I was fearing.

It has definite flaws. Namely that they've tried to condense various aspects of the personal history of Drake from four games into a new story. And also Mark Wahlberg is nothing like Sully in any light, so the first forty minutes or so were quite distracting. It didn't feel much like Uncharted as I knew it.

However, if you treat the film universe as its own thing and not part of the game universe, it becomes more enjoyable. This is a film based on Uncharted, rather than a film set within the universe as we know it from the games.

For sure the final hour or so certainly picked up and it definitely developed the feel of the Uncharted franchise. Over-the-top action scenes, witty banter, betrayals, etc.

And it did introduce elements to appease game fans. A nice cameo from Nolan North, and also a mid-credits scene showing that Mark Wahlberg's Sully now, finally, has his moustache and cigar as they appear to be setting up the events of the first game for a potential sequel film.

And honestly, I wouldn't mind a sequel film anymore. I have warmed up to the idea more now since this one was a lot better than I expected.

Still not a patch on the games, but treating it as its own fun thing, not bad. Wacky and weird, but not bad.
I really dislike the cast they chose for the film, and I've not watched it yet either. Kinda curious about it, but some of my favourite characters could've gotten better actors and actresses. So I'm a bit miffed, but probably will give it a go at some point... So I'll probably come back on this thread when I do.