Final Fantasy XIII PS3 and 360 Differences Announced

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Oct 25, 2009
Square Enix has just confirmed a couple of differences between the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 release of Final Fantasy XIII. In an interview in Famitsu they state that the video and audio is compressed on the Xbox 360 DVDs while the Playstation 3 version will be uncompressed and appear on a dual-layer blu-ray disc. The 360 version will obviously be released on multiple DVDs. This means that the uncompressed game will be 25GB minimum.

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Im so confused, doesnt xbox have a dual layer dvd as well? if not it sucks..I dont understand why xbox would need 3 dvd's for FF13 lmao.
Of course Xbox doesn't I've written this many times. No matter how you look at it Xbox has to have multiple porting to discs.

As a developer it is just not possible to put compress that much space onto Xbox DVDs.

PS3 is that superior platform by far though when it comes to processing and handling of bluray technology. PS3 will barely be affected by frame rate issues, but Xbox you'll see quite a bit more.

Who cares though, both systems are good. Just don't scratch your discs!
I hope that 25GB is just optional install, least I can avoid the huge chunk /doesn't bother with installs much, waste of space that patience works wonders with
It'd depend how big the game is, I think a dual-layer bluray is 50GB so 3 DVDs would probably be about right although I don't see the need for SE to have announced this. We've already been told the PS3 version will ship on 1 bluray and the 360 version on 3 DVDs and they've told us the PS3 audio will be better and there will be graphical differences when placed side by side. This just seems to role them all into 1 :wacky:
I will kinda miss the good old "please change to disc 2" made me feel like i've accomplished something getting the end of disc 1. On the plus i won't lose disc 2 of 4 and have scratches. This infomation is there for fanboys hype on about. i really couldn't cares less i just want the game
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